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WhatsApp has Announced to Add Quick Reaction For Status Updates

WhatsApp is developing quick reactions for status updates. The "quick reaction for status Updates" feature will be available in future updates of WhatsApp. It contains eight emojis that are: Smiling Face with Heart Eyes, Face with Tears of Joy, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, Clasped Hands, Clapping Hands, Party Popper, and Hundred Points.

WhatsApp has Announced to Add Quick Reaction For Status Updates
Quick Reaction For Status Updates in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has Announced to Add Quick Reaction For Status Updates

WhatsApp has recently announced the news to its users about the feature that it will add in the future. WhatsApp has announced that it will add a quick reaction to status updates. This feature will be added in the next updates as the WhatsApp beta test. The details of which we will know are below. And read the complete way how to use this new update?

Introduction to Quick Reaction Status Updates

New news of WhatsApp Beta Info was heard in which WhatsApp published new news for users through its Beta Info site informing users that WhatsApp will add a new feature soon. WhatsApp users will add quick reactions to any of their status updates. This feature was announced by WhatsApp in the same month (April 2022). WhatsApp says that they are going to add this feature to WhatsApp Beta Testers for Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web. This feature will be very useful for users.

How to Use Quick Reaction For Status Updates:-

WhatsApp Quick Reaction For Status Updates new feature is very easy to use. WhatsApp says that mainly eight emojis have been added to this feature. Smiling Face with Heart Eyes (😍), Face with Tears of Joy (😂), Face with Open Mouth (😲), Crying Face (😢), Folded Hands (🙏), Clapping Hands (👏), Party Popper (🎉 ), and Hundred Points (💯),

These are the eight emojis that WhatsApp will add in the future for Quick Reaction for Status. Every time a user views a contact's status, they usually see that a reply to the status must be typed, which is a significant time waster. So WhatsApp has added these eight reaction emojis for users. You can use this feature when you are on the latest version of WhatsApp. The response to this status updates reaction will be displayed on the status acknowledgment chat screen.

Benefits Of Quick Reaction For Status Updates on WhatsApp:-

WhatsApp's inclusion of this feature will be just as beneficial as the Reaction Emoji for Messages in the previous update. Which is explained in detail below.

  • WhatsApp's quick reaction to status updates will save users time.
  • It will help users respond to their contacts on status updates in a professional manner.
  • It will help users improve their WhatsApp experience.


In this article, I have written about the news of WhatsApp adding new features. And told how this feature will work? This quick reaction status update feature will be included in the upcoming WhatsApp version as a beta test. Which will be added for WhatsApp For Android, WhatsApp web, and iOS. Before WhatsApp, this feature was added to Facebook as a reaction to stories. Now that WhatsApp is also owned by a company called Meta, WhatsApp has also added a quick reaction emoji feature to its status updates. Basically, eight emojis are included in this feature which is detailed above.

If we talk about the inclusion of this feature in WhatsApp, it is a new feature under development that will soon be added to WhatsApp as a beta test.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Quick Reaction for Status Updates on WhatsApp

Below is the Accordion, I have given the answers to the questions asked by the users about a new feature of WhatsApp. Please click on the drop-down option to read the answers to the required question.

What is a reaction update on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to react to messages using more emoji reactions. Currently, WhatsApp users can only react to messages with eight emojis: I like it, I love it, Laugh, Surprised, Sad, and Thank you. With this feature, WhatsApp users can react to messages with any emoji on the keyboard.

Can you react to WhatsApp status?

Users can react to status updates with a total of eight emojis, including those representing heart eyes, laughter, sadness, shock, gratitude, and the usual celebration/congratulatory moods. The recipient of the reactions will see the emoji as a response to your status update.

When Quick Reaction for Status Will be Added to WhatsApp?will

Quick Reaction for Status will be available for the users in WhatsApp beta for the Android update. That means it will be available very soon for the public.

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