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Explained: New Features of WhatsApp For iOS and Android in 2022

WhatsApp has undergone many changes in its development in the past few months. WhatsApp has also added many features that have been desired by users..

Explained: New Features of WhatsApp For iOS and Android in 2022- WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has undergone many changes in its development in the past few months. WhatsApp has also added many features that have been desired by users for a long time.

How to use new features of WhatsApp in 2022 - Explained


I welcome all visitors to my website EhsanWAPlus and I am very grateful to all visitors who spend their valuable time on my website. Today, I will explain all the changes in WhatsApp to all my friends and try to train all users on how to use all these added features. Our topic today is New Features of WhatsApp For iOS and Android in 2022. So without wasting time, let's move on to our topic for today.

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What is WhatsApp?

In simple: WhatsApp is a social media application that allows its users to communicate with their friends and family. Users can send and receive images, videos, voice notes, and documents thoroughly. All the information on both sides is encrypted under an end-to-end encryption security feature, which means that you send, receive, and talk on calls everything is secure nobody can steal this or hack it at all.

What changes made by WhatsApp in 2022?

WhatsApp is an application whose developers are always active to add new features and improve the existing ones. They are always experimenting with new features to make WhatsApp even more useful for users. WhatsApp gain billions of users worldwide. WhatsApp is an application that everyone is using nowadays. It has become a dire need for any department or business including normal life.

WhatsApp is 100% free. Though WhatsApp Business provides some features for paid subscriptions. We can understand the popularity of WhatsApp by seeing that there's no smartphone that doesn't have installed WhatsApp on it. WhatsApp owned by meta made some changes in 2022 in desktops, iOS, and Android platforms which I will explain one by one.

First of all, I will start by explaining privacy settings.

1:- What changes are made in the Privacy Settings of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp made a huge number of features in privacy features. Although; WhatsApp doesn't change its privacy policy and terms of use. So don't worry about being a user. You can use WhatsApp without having any risk. We will alert you on the spot if we would realize anything like that. They made the following changes in privacy settings.

  1. Profile hide for specific numbers.
  2. Hide last seen for particular contacts.
  3. Hide About Status for specific numbers.

I m going to explain the above changes made in the privacy policy one by one in detail. To continue reading this article. Make sure it is very important for you to know the features and how to use them also the new features of WhatsApp.

i:- Hide Profile Picture For Someone

The last few months have brought many changes. One of which includes hiding the profile picture of a particular person or contact number. Using this feature is very useful. When you want to save a user's number on your phone while you can't see their profile picture.

Previously WhatsApp had provided some options for profile pictures but now they have expanded and added a new option. When all together are the following.

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • Except for this contact
  • Nobody

Everyone option has a feature here that anyone who will have your number, so anyone will be able to see your profile picture.

My contacts:-

My contact option will have this function, only people whose contact number is on your mobile phone will be able to see your profile picture.

Except for contacts: -

The working of this function is that it shows your profile picture to everyone except your selected contacts, that is, the people you have chosen not to show your profile picture, thanks to this function, those people will not be able to see the profile picture.


When you select the Nobody option for your profile privacy, as we can understand from its name, no one can see your profile photo or your contacts or Unknown. So you can hide your profile picture from everyone on WhatsApp by choosing the nobody option

ii:- How to setup last (online) in WhatsApp:-

This feature also contains the same 4 options as Profile. You can select any of the four options to enhance your privacy even more than usual. I will explain each option in more depth below each option. The four privacy options for Whatsapp last seen are the following.

  • Everyone
  • my contacts
  • Except for this contact
  • Nobody

WhatsApp gives its users the ability to hide their last seen (Online Status) from their contacts and everything. In the everyone option, if you select it so that everyone can see what you last saw, that means anyone can see your last online status on WhatsApp. You cannot hide it from anyone using this option.

You will be able to see the last seen from anyone available on WhatsApp by enabling this feature

My contacts:-

If you select the My Contacts option for your last WhatsApp privacy, then you will not be able to see the last time you saw anyone instead of your contacts and similarly, others will not be able to see yours either. But your latest will be visible to your contacts.

Except for My contact:-

Except for MY contacts, you can hide the last seen for specific contacts as a profile picture. You can hide any particular number from your contact list. If you enable this feature, everyone except the selected contacts will be able to see your last contact.


By selecting Nobody, you can hide your profile picture from everyone on WhatsApp, whether they are in your contact list or not. But you can hide your last scene from everyone. And don't forget that you won't be able to watch someone's last scene either, even if someone has saved your number.

iii:- Now let's talk about bio/status privacy in detail.

WhatsApp has increased privacy and hidden profile pictures and added last seen to this feature. Status privacy also occupies a special place in this feature. Status privacy also had three options previously but has now been modified to add one more option. which is as follows.

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • Except for This Contact
  • Nobody

Now we will not explain it in detail since these four options also have the same privacy features as the previous ones. So instead of wasting time, you can read the details of the previous three sessions.

2:- Global Audio Voice Note Player - Background Voice Listener

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature called Global Voice at the request of a large number of users. In this feature, the user can play voice messages from one chat and move to another chat without turning off the voice note. This feature was previously available on Telegram. But Telegram's Global Voice feature is very broad. In the background of WhatsApp, you will be able to hear only those voices that are in sequence, that is if there is any notification (such as a missed call, etc.) or a text message between two voices, then the voice message. it will stop there. will go But not like this on Telegram. WhatsApp will have to do more modifications to make this feature more useful.

Also, prior to this feature, whenever a user forwarded a voice note from one chat to another, the voice message was sent as an mp3 audio. But in this feature now you will be able to send any voice message to another chat as a voice.

I think this feature can be somewhat harmful. This voice message should have been on WhatsApp Business instead of Official WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp Business is meant to send an existing voice to customers. But cheaters can misuse this feature to trick is also a tredation in asia that fake accounts pretend as a girl account. this kind of fake account holders may forward a voice to the participient and cheat them with the fake voice recorded by girl. So my suggestion for WhatsApp company is to check out this feature.
  • Add a tag with the Voice Note as this note is forwarded such as any other forwarded message contains forward tag.
  • Add the feature only in WhatsApp Business only.

3:- Changed the Contact Information Style

Since WhatsApp made plenty of updates, they also redesigned some major parts of WhatsApp. The most important part is the contact information page and its design including the functionality. The contact logo/profile picture is arranged in the top center of the page. before it was on the top left corner. the contact number of the recipient is now appearing just below the profile picture of the user. before the contact number was arranged bottom of the page while scrolling down. WhatsApp made some changes in its functionality also, which I have described just below.

i:- Status/story Play From contact Information Page

WhatsApp made a big change in the contact information page as I said above. the major part is that a user can play or watch status/story just by clicking on the contact information (Your recipient Profile Picture). You will see two buttons "Watch Story" or "Open Profile Picture" so if you will select the watch status option then it will play status. it will help you or save your time to go on the status page and find everyone's status.

4:- Run WhatsApp on Multiple Devices - WhatsApp Web

In April 2022, WhatsApp announced the notification that it is able to run your 1 account on multi-devices such as WhatsApp Web, iOS, and Android. If I explain the functionality of this feature:
If you are using an Android smartphone and your WhatsApp is logged into it. You are eligible to run your WhatsApp account on four different devices. It means if you have logged in on android then you will be able to login in on your Tablet, WhatsApp Desktop, and ios iPhone by using it. You can also read the full detail of this feature How to Use WhatsApp On Multiple Devices This feature is available on two different choices. You can use the free feature to buy paid subscriptions.

i:- Difference between Paid and Free Plan of Multi-Device

With the Free Plan, you run your WhatsApp account only on 4 different devices.

By Paying for this feature, The feature is extended and you will be able to run one account on 10 different devices at a time with a paid subscription like a telegram.

WhatsApp also announced that if Your account will be 14 days regularly Inactive, WhatsApp will automatically log out from the device. You should log in again by scanning WhatsApp QR Code.

5:- Reply with Emoji Reaction on WhatsApp

i:- Introduction Of Message 

While the company WhatsApp has made many changes in recent months, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature known as message reaction. I want to tell the history of this feature. This feature, to the best of my knowledge, was first added by Messenger, which is a product of the WhatsApp company that is affiliated with Facebook.

ii:- History Of Reaction Message

The feature of this feature includes a way to display replies to very long messages with your comments as a reaction. Using this feature is very useful when there is a group conversation and members reply to each other quickly. If something happens where laughter is necessary and if you write hahaha or something like that, it not only creates a flood/noise of messages but also creates awkwardness in the conversation. Therefore, you can use this feature to enhance the beauty of the conversation and look professional.

iii:- Working Of Reaction Message

In response to any message, if you want to give your reaction, press and hold that message (image, videos, documents, voices, etc.) It will be. You can send a reaction emoji by selecting an emoji from this box to match the situation.

6:- Add More than 257 Contacts in WhatsApp Groups For Chat

Use of the WhatsApp Groups

One of the most important changes to WhatsApp in 2022 is the inclusion of an increase in the number of group members. Basically, groups are created to stay connected with family members and chat with friends. But most people use WhatsApp to share the news with each other because WhatsApp is considered to be the safest social media app today. Therefore, it is used by many entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. And combine all their customers into one group so customers can stay connected with the seller and buy new products in the future.

Solution of The Problem

One of the biggest problems admins face in WhatsApp groups is joining a certain number of members. By addressing this issue, Meta has increased the number of members in groups from 257 to more than 500. That means that now the WhatsApp group admin will be able to add more than 257 members to any of his groups.


I have explained all the new privacy features and new features of WhatsApp. I taught how to use the new features of WhatsApp? I will keep updating this page regularly. You would learn lots of features without wasting your time.

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