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Internet Throttling on Social Media in Pakistan | YouTube is Banned in Pakistan | ISP Paid $48523 for Deep Pact Inspection | Solution For Slow Internet in PAK

Why Internet is the Slow in Pakistan? Pakistan is facing an internet problem. Pakistan's government blocked YouTube Access in Pakistan...

Most Welcome all of you to EhsanTechCorner We are going to answer the question Why Internet is the Slow in Pakistan? Pakistan is facing an internet problem. Pakistan's government blocked YouTube Access in Pakistan at the time when Imran Khan stands to Speech. YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Interntet throttling on social Media. The worth of the software is $48,523 to monitor the internet. All the information is from BBC News and facts based on our own research

What is Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of the most important countries in Asia. The full name of Pakistan is the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". Its borders are with China, Afghanistan, and India. Pakistan is the first country that developed the first computer virus in 1970. Pakistan offers its services in technology day by day. Some of the important technologically advanced countries are included in the list. Pakistan's technological progress can be measured by the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear power.

What are the Internet Providers In Pakistan?

Internet Throttling on Social Media in Pakistan | YouTube is Banned in Pakistan | ISP Paid 48523 $ for Deep Pact Inspection | Solution For Slow Internet
Pakistan is facing a slow internet speed issue | Internet throttling in Pakistan 

In Pakistan, as in other countries, the Internet is offered in many ways such as  PTCL, WiFi, Fiber Optic, Broadband, Stormfiber, Optix, Nayatel, Wi-tribe, Fiberlink, Worldcall, Qubee, Zong, Telenor, Jazz, Wateen telecom, COMSATS Internet Service. Internet in Pakistan is also available in the form of data SIMs which are used in remote areas, especially where Internet access such as Wi-Fi is not possible. Sim Data claims 4G speed in Pakistan.

All these companies are, to be honest, garbage that does not meet international standards at all. The services that provide the best come at a very high price that is beyond the reach of a common man. Internet providers in Pakistan are not working, otherwise, only ministers and advisers can use the Internet in Pakistan, so the price is very high. Former Chief Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar took very important action against all these companies which are still valued by the people of Pakistan. In today's topic, we will only talk about the Slow speed of the Internet in Pakistan. We will talk more about the Internet and calls packages in detail later.

Why Internet Speed is slow? Official Notices

The Internet has been very bad in Pakistan for the last few weeks. Internet speed is very slow in Pakistan. The reason for this is the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority), an authentic and important institution in Pakistan, according to which a recent tweet stated that the Internet cable in Pakistan has been cut by a shark, so Pakistan has a very slow internet connection speed.

The teams of Pakistan Internet companies are available to fix the problem. And there is no specific date when the internet will work properly in Pakistan. Pakistan with an average minimum internet speed ranging from 10 MB to 19 MB download speed was found in typical villages located far from cities. And we can use the example of downloading and installing a very popular online game PUBG Mobile in the play store that a year ago when the file size of PUBG Mobile in the play store was about 2 GB, the download and Installation took 2 minutes. It used to complete inside, but now the same speed is reduced to 150KB max. That means the same games will download in minutes now.

Why the Internet is the Actually Slow? Reality

It has recently been changed through a regime change campaign by the Pakistani government a few months ago. Because of this, an atmosphere of extreme anger was created in the people of Pakistan. People took to the streets. People believed that the removal of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan from the government is not acceptable at all. At the same time, in order to convey people's opinions to others, the government has brought all the television and its involved journalists to the field and has been busy conveying wrong information to the people. At the same time, those televisions that were doing the job of transmitting people's voices in the right way were also blocked from YouTube. When all this failed and Imran Khan's popularity was increasing day by day, the government began to throttle the Internet in Pakistan allegedly using the PTA Pakistan Communication Authority. Due to this, whenever people want to visit an internet website, the services cannot be used properly due to lack of speed. 

This secret was exposed by BBC news in one of their articles. And they said that the Pakistani government purchased software called "Deep Data Inspection" from "Sand Wine", a Canadian company valued at $48,523 (PKR 1,080,000) to monitor the Internet in Pakistan. Before May 2010 Facebook was Blocked. Supposedly, the use of the same software is now slowing down the internet speed in Pakistan. This is Basically internet throttling. Before a similar act was made by South Korea, China, Urdan, Korea, and Venezuela, and also consider censorship. If you live in Pakistan, you will experience that any day Imran Khan's rally is held, your internet speed will drop. Does the shark fish have to cut the line on the same day? This is all a misrepresentation by the ISP of the Pakistan Internet Provider. And all the companies are also silent and taking all the rubble upon themselves. Instead of informing the general public about the truth, they are sitting in silence. this is true.

What is the Solution to Improve Internet Speed?

Reasons for Lack of Internet Speed in Pakistan I honestly provided my information to you. Now let me tell you the solution YouTube blocked problem based on my experience. You can solve your internet speed problem by using the best VPN.

Since the problem is with the Internet provider, I think it will work 50/50. Because VPN also provides the same speed that is provided by the internet provider i.e. ISP. Rather, the process slows down.


Many friends sent me messages on WhatsApp and asked me questions on the official social media accounts of our website. What is the reason for the low internet speed in Pakistan? When I did the research, I found evidence from the institute's report that the internet cable under the sea has been cut by sharks, thus the internet speed has decreased. But when an independent investigation was conducted, it was found that the reason for the drop in Internet speed in Pakistan is not the shark cutting the cable, but rather the hypocrisy of the current government of Pakistan. Internet speed is low in Pakistan.

Everything in the figures is from the tip of BBC News and our deep research about deep pact inspection software. we will not be responsible for any kind of legal action because this is not our own break news. this news was broken by Bbc news so all the information is from BBC. we only explained the point.

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