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YouTube rolls out Pinch to Zoom feature in future updates

Asslam-o-Alaikum! Dear visitors, we welcome you all to EhsanTechCorner, today we will show you a new YouTube feature announced in the app design. Last time we informed our users about the previous update on YouTube - the new YouTube UI design and today we will inform you about another youtube video player UI design improvement.

YouTube has announced several major changes to the app's design, accessibility, and features.

YouTube News Pinch to Zoom
YouTube rolls out Pinch to Zoom feature in future updates in 2022

According to the details, YouTube company has announced various changes to the design, accessibility, and features of the app for Android and iOS as well. With this new addition, users will be allowed to zoom in and zoom out within the screen while playing the videos through the pinch. Remember this feature and the working of the feature are similar to the MX Player Pro. In social media apps, if you are an influencer or a regular user of Instagram, you may have noticed that you can zoom in and out of the image by pressing two fingers to see the close-up part of the image.

YouTube Pinch to Zoom in and Zoom out

Another change will help you watch a video, over and over again, just slide the part of the video you want to watch again, and then several important thumbnails will appear in the form of small images, this video thumbnail. will make it easier to select the correct location.

Watch the Video How to use YouTube New Update

Ambient mode is also added in the next update made on youtube. The new change in YouTube Ambient captures the background of the video and displays it to the user, which attracts the viewer's interest in watching videos. Apart from this, users will be able to change the color of the buttons and the layout including the hashtags which will be replaced with white from the blue.

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This new update is working on premium accounts to use it, though it says "free accounts can also use this feature very soon"

You can enjoy all these features with youtube pro apk. youtube pro is an alternative to the official youtube. Youtube pro removes all ads inside youtube and you can also zoom in and out using pinch, you can also volume up and down by swiping up and down.

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