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5 Most Useless Apps and Games for Android but Still People Buy It and Pay $ For Premium Subscription

I am going to tell you about five applications that are available in the Google Play Store that do nothing, the five most useless apps and games

List of the Most Useless Apps and Games for Android but People Still install it.

Let's face the facts. Some apps are just useless. They make little noises, do little tricks, and show fun colors. However, at the end of the day, they do nothing useful. They lose their charm quickly like those little knick-knacks you buy at that store in the mall. Or they pretend to do something useful, but in reality, they are just hindering your life. Here are the most useless apps for Android.

5 Most Useless Android Apps and Games for Android

List Of Most Useless Apps And Games For Android
List Of Most Useless Apps And Games For Android

Assalam Alaikum, I hope all my friends are well. As all of you friends know, we do our best to keep you up to date with new updates on a daily basis, so today I am bringing you one that can be called the 5 most useless apps and games for android!!!

I am going to tell you about five applications that are available in the Google Play Store that do nothing, the five most useless apps and games for Android just name them. These five applications are the ones that do not earn anything after installing them, yes, but they must be loaded both in the memory and in the RAM of the mobile. There are apps that don't work at all but are used by useless people on their mobile phones. For example, there is an app that only provides wallpapers and nothing else, and it says "I am rich" just for a wallpaper of the same name, users not only install this app but also buy its premium subscription, which means that people spend money on such worthless and useless things just to look rich, instead of spending this money on the helpless and needy people of the world. However, people prove their ignorance by not only installing such useless apps on their mobile phones but also buying the premium feature of the app that shows how wasteful they are.

Let me tell you the rest of the details one by one separately. Let me tell you about each app in detail so that you can get more details about these apps and increase your knowledge and save yourself from that junk app and let your friends know as well.

1. Nothing App

List Of Most Useless Apps And Games For Android
5 Most Useless Apps And Games For Android

This app does nothing...but! wait for the update. Since the name of the application is nothing, its name indicates that "nothing" means that the work of this application is nothing, it is useless, and it is stupid to work. If I tell you how this application works, it's nothing. It's like his name.

Nothing App is used by more than 1M+ users on the Google Play Store. Nothing app received a rating of 4.0 on the Google Play Store with over 95.5k reviews. I am very surprised by this, people not only download this app, call it and give feedback, they not only give feedback but also give positive feedback if I tell them about how this app works. If I tell you, it will be a very funny statement.

As I told you in the above paragraph, the working of this application is nothing, according to its name, its work is only one thing, please install the application and after installation, open it, then you will get a button or when you click the button, that button will change color, you will see different types of white, yellow, black, etc. This app is nothing, just install the app after installing it, give it to a child's hand, keep clicking this button, and keep enjoying and watching the color change on them. It may just be for kids. Other than that, there is nothing to do. I don't think it matters, if you do, I don't know.

The funniest and most disturbing thing is that this app also has a premium version. That is to say, first of all, you download this app, install it and show your stupidity, then use this app with no education and not only use this app but also buy its premium version to go completely crazy and give proof of it.

Get it on Google Play Store

2. I Am Rich | Premium | VVIP 

Most Useless Apps And Games For Android

I am Rich - This app is available on Google Play Store, you can also go and install it anytime, and I will tell you how this app works in detail below. I will also tell about the rating comments of the first download, how well users liked it in the Google Play Store or their impression of it.

I am Rich. This APP is only for Real Rich People. Poors Please Stay Away. Then show the lazy world, how rich you are by buying this app. I am App is only for the Rich who can afford anything and everything. Show this world that you are so so filthy Rich and can buy the "I am Rich" app. I am rich app is most expensive app ever, on the play store.

5 Most Useless Apps And Games For Android
5 Most Useless Apps And Games For Android

I am rich, this app has been downloaded by almost 5K+ Downloads on the google play store, and in the comments for this app, it got a rating of 3 for this app, which is feedback. He turns his back. Just like the above app, users not only download this app from the play store but people also gave positive feedback about this app.

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I am rich, and the operation of the application is nothing. Only in it do you get endless types of wallpapers, which say "I am rich" just to use this app or to download all those wallpapers. For this, you have to buy more than 25 thousand diamonds. In this app, you only get wallpapers, which have different types of images and sculptures. This app also has a premium version, which is enough to drive you and me crazy, why do people spend so much money on it at least? And you probably can't answer that. Rather, it can only be given by the users who use it.

Get it on Google Play Store

3. S.M.T.H (Send Me To Heaven)

5 Usless Apps And Games for Android
5 Useless Apps and Games For Android

S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sports game. The player throws his phone as high as he can. The higher, the better. The phone records height and load as a result of the leaderboards. World Top 10, Weekly Top 10, Daily Top 10, Local (National) Top 10, and Facebook Friends lists are all available.

S.M.T.H app has 500+ downloads on the google play store. but this app does not have a rating on the information page. So I can not tell you exactly what people or users think about it.

SECURITY FIRST: The game can be dangerous. Take care not to injure yourself or others. Always be aware that there is enough space above and around you.

WARNING: Throwing a smartphone into the air can cause damage to the smartphone, property, and/or personal injury. The author and distributor of S.M.T.H. are not responsible for any damages or injuries arising from playing the S.M.T.H. game.

TIPS: Avoid rotations in the air. rotating mobiles can give erroneous results. Every phone is different, so it needs a different treatment. Start gently pulling the phone about 20cm, find the way that works for you, and gradually increase the height. Skill development is part of the game!

Get it on Google Play Store

4. Milk the Cow

5 Most Useless Apps for Android
Most Useless Games and Apps for Android

Milk the Cow, as the name of this application, suggests, in this application, you will be given a cow and you will milk it. And that's just the working of the application, the rest of the details I will provide below as before.

Have you ever milked a cow? Check how fast you can milk her and compete with your friends. If you like a milking cows. It motivates cows to give more milk 

Paste your text here :)milk the cow is a game available on the google play store. You can play this game to learn how to milk the cow. You will have a bowl where you have to milk the cow for you. Just press each milk of the cow and your bowl will start filling. This app has 5m+ downloads over the google play store whereas 4. 3 ratings and 59. 9k feedback by users.

List Of Most Useless Apps And Games For Android
Milk the Cow Apps internal screenshots

Milk the Cow application is like we provided a tractor simulator in the same way this application is ever a simulator using which anyone who opens a polity then he is provided with a cow which he can drive milk from it. you will try to open the app and then you will see that app open and press the button to get milk from it. 

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If logically we see that this application does not have any real operation. This app is available on the Google Play Store and also on the App Store for iOS. You will be able to install this app for free and it will also be available with a paid subscription to purchase the additional features so that the users can enjoy its features. I really can't recommend anyone install the app.

Get it on Google Play Store

5. Useless Button

5 most useless apps and games for android

Useless Button, that's okay too Click on the button to change the background color. It's the only app on our list today that we can tell by its name that they themselves said we're useless. Nothing else may happen, but I am happy with this application. They themselves told me that this application is useless.

Useless Button has over 10k+ downloads on Google Play Store with over 500 user reviews with a 3.6 rating on Google.

This app is a button that does nothing more than a "click" sound. A click counter will show you how many times you clicked the button. If you press fast, the number will turn red and your phone will vibrate!

This app doesn't do anything, it's just a waste of time and fills your mobile's memory with useless things. This app does not help you in any way, although it makes your mobile consume even more battery. which makes it empty very early.

Get it on Google Play Store

Thank you for visiting our website and reading this article. We hope you really enjoyed our latest updated post today where we discuss and give our personal opinion on the 5 most useless apps and games for Android available on the Google Play Store. I gave my honest review and feedback, including analysis, including reports. I hope it will really help you a lot and can improve your knowledge about app store.

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