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Top 9 Best Android Apps That Every Smartphone Should Have in 2023

You must have 9 Android secret apps that you must download which is not very popular but very useful in 2023. Not bad if you say all Android users...

You must have 9 Android secret apps that you must download which are not very popular but very useful in 2022. Not bad if you say all Android users must use these 9 Android secret apps.

Best Android Apps That Every Smartphone Should Have

Must-Have 9 SECRET Apps for Android

I am very grateful to all of you to visit my website, EhsanTechCorner. Today I am going to show you Nine hidden apps that may have never known before today. Some of you might have known of these apps but most have not heard them before. I am giving some basic information about these nine apps and I will provide you with a download link.

Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022 - Download Hidden Apps
Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2023


There are Must Have 9 SECRET Apps for Android

that an android smartphone user must know. These apps are very useful for all users, many people are looking for apps that actually work for your eyes protection and also there are some apps that are very important according to privacy and security. These apps will be very helpful when you might lose your phone. I am going to give Nine applications that will be a very big thing for ringtones lovers.


TRACK IT EVEN IF ITS OFF Track it EVEN if it is off | Antitheft SOS Family

NOBODY Nobody prepares for emergencies. but it happens to most of us. so, As the name suggest this app has the ability to track the location of your phone even without the internet connection or even if the phone is switched off. it's the best anti-theft app to track &amp find stolen-mobile phones. Hammer comes with a panic button, fake shutdown, fake airplane mode, emergency PIN app lock, car crash detector, intrusion detector, low battery SMS, and website for controlling your phone remotely (access to the camera, audio, location, etc.). You can control your mobile remotely if ever you lost it. is your mobile stolen? just use this app if you are not using it still to find when an accident happens.

Download Hammer


Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

The main goal of this app is to reduce the brightness of your screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings. this application applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darken the helps to avoid headaches and eye pain in a dark environment or at night. It sets your phone to automatically reduce brightness to a minimum from the phone settings. the screen light returns to the original condition when an app gets stopped. if you are reading something and your screen is getting off, just use this app and your screen will stay awake until you have been using your app.

Download Night Screen


Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

Talking Ringtone Maker is a free app that lets you create new and personalized ringtones that really talk. just type in any phrase to hear it spoken in a variety of voices. know if it's an important call or notification, without ever looking at your mobile phone. Talking Ringtone Maker uses powerful text-to-speech technology to turn anything you type into a speech like it sounds like a human. Say "Someone's calling" in a sophisticated British accent when you receive a call. Or maybe «New Message!» when you receive new Whatsapp messages.

Download Talking Ringtone Maker

PIN GENIE LOCKER - screen and app lock

Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

The most secure lock screen and app lock on google play. what makes this locker unique is its patent PIN pad which is ultimate in privacy and will keep anyone from seeing your PIN, even if they watch you input it. The magic PIN padlocks your screen with only 4 sleek buttons. Each button includes 3 numbers and all numbers reshuffle after each attempt. Go ahead use this Screen Lock and app lock to challenge your friends to see if they can crack your code



Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

Don't fall for the name, this app provides the easiest way to learn about cosmetics and personal care products ingredients. You can also find the price of any product by just scanning the product barcode and THINK DIRTY will show you its real-time price according to the market rate. You can also learn or explore the product. it is also available or be recommended for some most important apps that might very helpful for daily life. it also makes your life even easier. this app is also downloaded for Beauty And Fashion Apps. You can even make your own shopping list while sitting in your home to save your time while shopping. over 350,000+ personal care products and cosmetics are in the database. You can directly buy your products through your app from the world's no 1 online store AMAZON.

Download Think Dirty
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Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

This app allows you to track all the devices connected to your wifi. it has forty million users that are getting Benefits by using FING. You can also find the answers to all your questions such as. Who's on my WiFi Is someone stealing my WiFi and broadband? Have I've been hacked? Is my network secure? Are there hidden cameras in the B&ampB I'm staying in? Why Netflix streaming has started buffering? Is my internet provider giving me the speed I pay for?it discovers all information about who is connected with your network on wifi. it uses patented technology that is mostly used by ROUTERS manufactures and ANTIVIRUS companies. you can also see NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, and Bonjour names, properties, and device types by using FING NETWORK TOOLS. You can also track devices around you.

Download FING Network Tool


Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

VANI DIALER - ANSWER CALLS BY YOUR VOICE Allows you to answer your calls with your voice by just saying Say 'Hello' to Accept Calls. Say 'No' to Decline Calls. Say 'Speaker' to Answer the call on Speaker Mode. Say 'SMS' to send an auto-reply message. you can customize it with your own words also. VANI DIALER can speak the caller's name also so either you can decline the call or attend it depends on you. You can use VANI DIALER For Caller ID, Call Blocker, T9, Address Book, and Contact Manager

Download Vani DIALER


Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

AVEE MUSIC PLAYER Is downloadable from the Google Play Store. you might see so many BASS BOOSTED Songs or REMIX have the videos where spectrum or visualizers that follow or move as beats.

The full version of this app is not available on Google Play Store for Pakistani users.



Top 9 Best Android Applications in 2022

YouTube Gold is a mod version of the official YouTube available on Google Play Store. YouTube Gold يوتيوب الذهبي is modded by works as similar to the official YouTube. it does not run any ads. no pop-up. no interrupting ads. You can save your videos directly to the gallery instead of the YouTube app. You can control the screen by swiping. Run videos in BACKGROUND. You can play videos in PIP Mode

Download YOUTUBE Gold


I have shown you 9 apps that you just need to install if you are an Android or ios Phone user. some of these apps are not available on the play store but others are. these apps really work for you. you can suggest to us if you found any issues while using these apps. you can use these apps to create ringtones, beauty tips, download music, run videos, app lock, location tracker, caller name announce, create or generate spectrum - visualizer, track devices who are connected with your WIFI, Kitchen, shopping list manager, cosmetics manage,

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How to FInd lost/stolen device?

It is simple to find your lost device. You can install the TRACK IT EVEN IF ITS OFF Track it EVEN if it is off | Antitheft SOS Family application for android.

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How to stay up to date on the cosmetics price according to the markete?

If you are a lover of buying cosmetics products, foods for your Kitchen please cosider to install the THINK DIRTY applicaiton on your android smartphone and stay up to dated with the daily prices.

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How to play YouTube Music Without Ads?

You should download and install YouTube Golden in your smartphone. YouTube Plays music without running any ads during the videos playing on YouTube. You can also experience the YouTube Golden to play songs in PIP MODE

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