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How to set up Whatsapp proxy service with the list of free codes

WhatsApp is prohibted or limited China, Dubai, North Korea, Syria, and Qatar etc are included. These are the only five countries where the full.

How to SET UP Whatsapp proxy service with the list of free codes

How to set up Whatsapp proxy service with the list of free codes
 How to set up Whatsapp proxy service with the list of free codes

Free Whatsapp Proxy Servers list for UAE, North Korea, China, Syria

WhatsApp is a social networking application that users can use to communicate with their loved ones without fear of any data leak. More than two billion people are active users on WhatsApp almost every day. WhatsApp is considered the most trusted application. WhatsApp is used in 180 countries around the world. Some of the countries where WhatsApp is fully integrated include China, Dubai, North Korea, Syria, and Qatar. etc are included. These are the only five countries where the full use of WhatsApp is not allowed. To do this, WhatsApp has added in its latest updates a new function known as "WhatsApp proxy". By using someone on WhatsApp, users can use WhatsApp on their mobile phones from any country in the world without any restrictions.

In today's article, I will tell you that if you live in any of the five given countries, it will be very difficult for you to run WhatsApp, so with this method, you can use WhatsApp without any problem. you can do WhatsApp is the most used application in 180 countries around the world and is trusted by users. WhatsApp is also the most used because it is completely free, you can share video calls, audio calls, voice messages, etc. You can chat with your friend or family member anywhere in the world for free and without additional charges. End-to-end encryption method.

Why do you need to use WhatsApp proxy?

The purpose of the Internet is to make things easier and more understandable for users around the world, but in some countries, even in the world, it does not work as it should because of the Ward, so one of the most popular of mankind, WhatsApp. It has been banned in countries like China, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Iran, but now only the Metha-owned company has taken a stand with a service on its return. The above-mentioned countries and more have either banned or restricted its functionality in their country. We should note that Jang e is not a social media application that is blocked. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are all. A similar fate is faced.

So the users of all the imported countries have to face some severe restrictions that make the users unable to use the new features provided by the application. To solve this problem, a feature called proxy setting. has been introduced.

Using one of the settings on WhatsApp, users can connect their internet to a server located in another country and do it without their own. A proxy works like vpn, but a proxy is native to a specific application that is specific to that application. Pakistan helps users to use all the features of this application by opting out of the specified features.

North Korea, China, Syria, Iran, United Arab Emirates, etc. These are countries in which WhatsApp is either completely banned or some of its features are banned.

How does the WhatsApp proxy server work?

Generally, when we use any app, our internet provider uses the IP address of our given mobile, from which it can know all the information we use and can block us at will. or you can restrict our access to anything. Using such technology, some countries have restricted the WhatsApp application, a social networking application, that users can download or use when using a VPN. I can not do it. To solve this problem, WhatsApp owned by Meetha has introduced a new technical method known as WhatsApp Proxy.

When we connect with any proxy, our internet service provider directs our connection to a server located in another country which hides our location and we can access it without problems or restrictions. You can use your own app.

It works like any VPN in WhatsApp, but all settings in VPN are used for cache route sites and some are used for WhatsApp only.

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Free Proxy Codes List

  • The whole process depends on the use of a reliable WhatsApp proxy. Before we go to the "Settings" part, we need to help you with this task.
  • For most of the WhatsApp operators who are not tech-savvy, we found some pretty effective free proxies to use.
  • We used one of them when we tested the option in the previous guide. You can choose any of these totally free WhatsApp proxy codes anywhere including Pakistan, Iran, UAE, China, Russia, KSA, and the like.

Proxy Server


France (Paris)


Russian Federation




United States

  • In highly oppressive countries, using these proxies will definitely help people to reestablish free and secure connections to WhatsApp and communicate with their loved ones, regardless of the region's cyber regulations.

How to connect with WhatsApp proxy?

Here I will teach you how to connect with WhatsApp proxy in detail. first of all, I would like to tell you to go through the following steps.

How to set up Whatsapp proxy service with the list of free codes
 How to set up Whatsapp proxy service with the list of free codes screenshots for android

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and ensure you have the latest version installed to see the newest proxy upgrade.
  2. From the chats section, click on the three dots in the right corner of the app and select “Settings” from the menu.
  3. Click “Storage and Data” and scroll down to “Proxy.”
  4. Tap on “Proxy” and enable the settings.
  5. Now open the “Set Proxy” tab, paste any of the IPs as mentioned earlier addresses, and wait for the connection to be established.
  6. Once the connection is made using a proxy server, you can use WhatsApp even though the internet is unavailable.

Final Result: -

Here I gave a list of proxy servers in the following article. People living in the United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and China can now connect with WhatsApp without using VPN. Whatsapp proxy allows each user to connect to the server and allows you to use it.

The whatsapp proxy list allows users to connect with other servers with end-to-end encrypted security systems. WhatsApp says that if you will be using the WhatsApp proxy, then there is no need to worry about end-to-end encryption. Users should not worry about data leakage.

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