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Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android - Type even more professionally!

Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android 2023 latest updated version with built-in chatgpt-4 integrated.

Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android - AI Optimized Keyboard

Do you want to download swiftkey keyboard app? You are in the right place. you will get a direct link to download the best exclusive professional typing keyboard always up to date and integrated with chatgpt-4 for your android via ehsantechcorner. Please scroll down to download Microsoft Swiftkey Ai keyboard for free.

Microsoft SwiftKey Ai Keyboard

Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android
Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android

Assalam Alaikum dear followers, I welcome you once again to my website EhsanTechCorner and I am very grateful that you have given some of your precious time to read this article of ours. Dear followers, yesterday we discussed Camtasia studio 9 cracked 2023 for windows the topic we are going to discuss is Microsoft Keyboard, also known as Swift Key, it is a keyboard for the Android operating system published by Microsoft company and available on Google Play. This keyboard is completely free to download and use on your smartphone. Users of this application also pay attention very seriously by using this keyboard with their feedback and comments and updates if there is any problem or not.

If anyone faces any kind of difficulty in using the app, then they express their opinion in the comments as feedback. Dear followers, before 2023, Microsoft's AI keyboard was almost like a normal keyboard, but since ChatGPT is launched, which was introduced by Elon Musk, this keyboard has been upgraded with advanced features. Now it has been renamed as Microsoft Swift AI Keyboard. I will tell you as much as I can about this keyboard in the article.

All the download links for the SwiftKey keyboard are below at the end of the article.

What is Microsoft Swift? His introduction

Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android
Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android 2023

Microsoft Swift AI keyboard is a very intelligent keyboard in which you can write your messages or notes in any language and later you can share it with anyone. It is a fast keyboard which means that whenever you type using the Microsoft Swift key, the faster you type, the faster the keyboard will output the result. SwiftKey has over a billion users on the Google Play Store and its 3.92M reviews with a 4.4 rating.

Dear followers, every person has his own choice, he uses whatever he likes and if there is any problem in using anything, he immediately abandons it, but the way Microsoft software is used in daily life. Updating itself on a daily base dear followers I don't think any credulous person in today's technology world would even try or even think of using any keyboard other than Microsoft SwiftKey

This is a very modern keyboard which you will not find in any other keyboard. By using this keyboard, you will go to a new experience. Apart from this, the keyboard also has its own stickers, later there is a translator facility inside the keyboard, and you are also given an incognito mode, which you can use anywhere while typing. This means whatever you write from your keyboard, no data of any kind will be shared with anyone, that is, if you write anything, only you know it, or whoever you send it to will know it. Also, when you enter or type any password, this keyboard does not record it in any way, 

Dear followers, since the new tool called ChatGPT has been added to SwiftKey. Knowing that the demand for this keyboard has increased even further, this feature of this keyboard provides such technology that you will get confused and wonder if any keyboard is even that much. Could it be as advanced as Microsoft's?

Dear users, earlier I told you about the Google keyboard but if we compare both the Google keyboard and Microsoft keyboard in apps then both of them have different features but not Microsoft because of updates. The keyboard is the most advanced keyboard vs Google Gboard Keyboard.

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Why do you need to use Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

Download Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard for Android

Dear users, well, there are many reasons to use the Microsoft Swift keyboard, but I find it very useful to describe some of them in this article, which will make it easier for you to understand why you should use Swift. should be used. First of all, I will tell you that there are many different types of themes given on this keyboard, and if you want to create any theme of your own, you can use a craft, that is, Scratch will give you a separate template that you can design and edit the keyboard layout or design of your choice and choose for yourself. Apart from this, this keyboard app also shows you the next word of what you are typing in a popup if you make any kind of mistake like spelling mistakes, in the Microsoft Swift key app

It automatically tells you if you're spelling it wrong by using a feature that turns a red line under the word, making it easy for you to know if it's misspelled or not. In addition to this, Microsoft provides you with various features of the Microsoft app which I will describe below in the features and I think it is important to describe in detail, so these were the few features that are most important to mention. It was necessary and it was also necessary for you to know these things.

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Features of Microsoft SwiftKey Android Keyboard:

In this section, I will tell you in detail about Microsoft SwiftKey or Swift Keyboard AI and also tell you some of its essential features which you will not find in any other keyboard and these are the features. That's what makes Microsoft Swift's AI keyboard different from all other keyboards.

  • Feature number one - is an innovative new option added inside the Microsoft Swift keyboard called GPT. Therefore, it is considered very efficient and useful within the keyboard, this feature allows you to read any type of message you receive and automatically generate a very interesting type of response, which you can later send to your chat mates. Apart from sending and impressing this feature, this feature can be used a lot.
  • Feature number two is the layout design of the keyboard. You can customize the Microsoft SwiftKey board to your liking and use your favorite themes and wallpapers, so Microsoft SwiftKey provides you with a template from scratch. You can also choose custom designs and make your keyboard cuter and more attractive.
  • The third feature of Microsoft Swift Keyboard is that whenever you write a message, if you have some expressions like sad, happy, and other expressions that you can use to express your feelings, then it uses Microsoft AI. Based algorithm on your feelings following your typing. it shows different types of emojis in front of you based on your written message, with which you can make your message or any type of note more cute and attractive. Just so you know that emojis are very useful. Now they will say that this feature is present in other keyboards as well but dear followers this feature is very different if they say this feature is present in others as well then yes to some extent this feature is present in some other keyboards like keyboards from Google, known as GBoard, has that feature as well, but the latest feature on Microsoft's keyboard has gone a step further as it doesn't have just one keyboard, but different types. All emojis are displayed in a tab but not on Gboard. Gboard only shows one emoji, so this is a very nice and cool feature from Microsoft that had to be mentioned.

What is the difference between Microsoft Swift and Google Gboard?

If we compare Microsoft SwiftKey and Google's Gboard, then friends it is very difficult to compare but as I mentioned some features in the above section, these are the features that Microsoft's SwiftKey has compared to Google's Gboard. Make it better than the board. Microsoft's SwiftKey has a unique feature that allows you to design your own keyboard from scratch, but Google's GBoard lets you use one of the pre-designed themes in the app. You can't add anything of your own to it except allows it. One of the most important features of Microsoft SwiftKey is its ChatGPT tool which makes it unique from all other keyboards on the Internet.

Since Microsoft Swift is from Microsoft, you can trust Microsoft's product more than Google's product and should not feel any hesitation to use it on your mobile phone as well.

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My own personal experience of Microsoft Swift Keyboard: -

Dear followers I am writing this section to share my personal experience with my honesty. I have two keyboards one is a Google keyboard popularly known as GBoard which is built in and already installed in my mobile phone. While the second keyboard that I have installed myself is the same Microsoft Swift Keyboard that I have used on my mobile phone due to its advanced features. 

I use the keyboard more. This is my favorite keyboard. Dear followers, if I tell you with all my faith, I use Google's G-Board more than Microsoft's Swiftkey. In comparison, for me Swift keyboard sometimes when I type messages at high speed it starts to lag and affects my mobile phone performance but Google keyboard hits me with that problem. 

This is not to say that you have not had any problems or difficulties using Google or Gboard.

Yes, I agree that Microsoft's Swiftkey AI keyboard has more advanced features for its time, but I still prefer Google Gboard. And the purpose of this is not at all that you give priority to my words and you should not use the Microsoft keyboard, not at all, everyone has their own choice, so my choice is Google's Gboard.

Download SwiftKey Chatgpt Keyboard for Android - Microsoft

Download SwiftKey Apk for Android from Google play store


Today I have provided a direct link to download Swiftkey Microsoft ai keyboard for Android and tablets. this keyboard is really awesome and has all the features that others don't have. The main feature is that chatbot-4 is integrated and installed inside the Microsoft Swift Keyboard. helps you write professional emails and messages by using AI technology.

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