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Comprehensive detail about New ONIC SIM in Pakistan | Pros and Cons, Price, Packages, Number list, Ground reality

I have explained the comprehensive details about ONIC Sim, pros and cons,prices, types, number list, and the ground reality everyone should know about

New ONIC SIM in Pakistan | Pros & Cons, Price, Packages, Number list, Ground reality

Dear followers, I am going to tell you about a new telecom network that has been introduced in Pakistan recently called ONIC Pakistan and I will tell you all whether you should buy this sim (Subscriber Identity Module) or not if you have before if there is any sim network, I will compare it with you, so you have to read this article completely without any spoilers, I will tell you the truth and there are some secrets that I will tell you. I will reveal and try my best to expose some secrets with my honesty related to the ONIC network that I think you should know about.

Introduction to the ONIC in Pakistan

ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages, Price, Numbers List and App Details
ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages, Price, Numbers List and App Details

Assalam Alaikum dear followers, how are you, I hope you all are doing well and I apologize for the fact that I have not written any articles or blogs on my website for a long time before I told you. Elaborate It is better to tell you the topic of what I am going to tell you about in this article. Dear friends today we will discuss a new network named ONIC introduced in Pakistan and I will discuss it in full detail. dear readers, I want to inform you that the article is only useful for Pakistan. It is for users from here, so if you are a foreigner i.e. from any country other than Pakistan, you can read this as an informative article, otherwise, it will not be of any use to you, but it will increase your knowledge. If you keep reading.

What is ONIC in Pakistan

ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages, Price, Numbers List and App Details
ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages, Price, Numbers List and App Details

ONIC Pakistan is a telecom network recently launched on August 14, 2023, in Pakistan. ONIC claims to be a digital simulation network. The sim offers cheap rates for new packages and offers fast support and affordable package prices. everyone is trying to quickly switch to the new network. The network offers high-speed Internet with unlimited plans. The Ufone network is the parent network of ONIC. ONIC basically offers two types of SIM (physical SIM and E-SIM). ONIC is the first brand to offer free e-sim in Pakistan. Otherwise, old companies charge thousands of rupees to buy e-sims. The customer service representative visits your home and activates the SIM card in your name. You'll get a physical SIM on your doorstep, although the E-SIM is activated via email address.

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The price of the physical ONIC SIM is PKR 100/- and some retailers charge PKR 150/- or more as per their own prices. offers Standard, Gold, and Purple numbers, and the premium one is Platinum. The standard number sim is free of cost.

  • Standard (Free) Numbers: Basic numbers with essential features and functions at no cost.
  • Golden Numbers (PKR 4500): Numbers available for a nominal fee, providing users with a touch of uniqueness.
  • Purple Numbers (PKR 600): A step up in exclusivity, offering users a chance to stand out with a distinctive number.
  • Platinum Numbers (PKR 22500): Premium numbers that make a lasting impression, allowing users to showcase their individuality with utmost exclusivity.

The new ONIC SIM serial number starts at 0339, which also tells us that ONIC is a new SIM brand from Ufone.

ONIC Sim Numbers List
Screenshot choosing ONIC Sim NUMBER LIST online

Decoding the Ufone network marketing strategy

ONIC Sim is owned by Pakistan Telecommunication, which also owns Ufone. ONIC sim belongs to Pakistan's first UFONE network. Every Pakistani is well aware of the telecom operator Ufone. PTV has a regular sponsor and it is Ufone, a permanent advertiser of the PTV network. Since the last few months, Pakistanis have been facing Internet and local network problems that are increasing daily. 4G Internet speed with 100% signals provided as 2G. The common download speed is about 100 kbps to 400 kbps on 4G Internet signals. That's how slow the network is in Pakistan. One of the reasons behind it is also here You cannot watch a video at a maximum speed of 1080p without buffering. I mean, if you choose a 1080p video result on YouTube and the duration of the video is about 10 minutes, then it requires 1 hour to watch (this is an estimated time required, it may be more than this or less too). So users think that they will get at least a small improvement on this internet speed.

ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages, Price, Numbers List and App Details
ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages, Price, Numbers List, and App Details

But they don't know that this will be bad for them. The reason is that ONIC is owned by Ufone and will provide you network service from Ufone towers. which means if they are already a user of the existing network and have good enough signals, ONIC will be the best option for them. Otherwise, if you don't have signals, how can you facilitate this new offer? so check your Ufone network signals before facing disappointment.

The PTA clarifies that ONIC is not a new mobile operator, dispelling misconceptions among the public. the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) issued a press release informing civilians that they did not have any license for the new company. ONIC is a rebrand and product of the existing Ufone network with a new packing. So, those who think that ONIC is a new network, CLARIFICATION REGARDING "ONIC" BY PTML. Read the full press release here 

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Pros of ONIC SIM in Pakistan:

  1. Unlimited Free Minutes (Off-net)
  2. Data Rollover (the existing internet data will recontinue next month)
  3. E-SIM free
  4. Affordable Package rates
  5. Unbeatable rates
  6. Everything is online and digitally managed

Cons of ONIC SIM:

  1. Lack of originality
  2. The network does not have separate boosters
  3. The network totally depends on UFONE

How to buy and activate ONIC Pakistan?

  • Step 1: Visit ONIC's official website, and choose Order Now
  • Step 2: Pick the SIM card you want to buy from the existing options
  • Step 3: Enter your personal details
  • Step 4: Choose your delivery method
  • (Pick up the SIM card in person at a nearby store or you can get it at your address)
  • Step 5: Go to payment methods, and choose credit or debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, etc., to pay for the Sim
  • Step 6: You need to visit an authorized retailer to activate the ONIC SIM with a reasonable package plan and valid ID proof

How to get an ONIC online sim?

  1. Download the ONIC App on your phone or visit
  2. Browse the available plans and select the plan you like.
  3. Sign up using your Email ID.
  4. Select between physical SIM or eSIM
  5. Select the number you like. You can also choose to port in your existing number.
  6. Provide your profile details, delivery address, and the time slot you want us to deliver the SIM.
  7. Make the payment to submit the order.

Packages and prices of ONIC Pakistan

Currently, ONIC is offering three monthly internet packages in Pakistan.

ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages
Currently, ONIC is offering three monthly internet packages in Pakistan.

Mobile Plans Details

Here is the detailed information about the new packages and their prices. Scroll from right to left to read all the details.
PlanData AllowancePriceFeaturesValidityConnectivityAdditional Benefit
LIMITLESS PLAN200GBRs. 1990Unlimited calls, 10,000 SMS30 Days4GData Rollover
ICONIC PLAN100GBRs. 1290Unlimited calls, 10,000 SMS30 Days4GData Rollover
EPIC PLAN30GBRs. 890Unlimited calls, 5,000 SMS30 Days4GData Rollover

My Opinion about ONIC SIM

In my opinion, if you are too excited to use a new network and you are tired of your old network due to its performance due to internet speed and local issues or other issues, then you are not really experiencing the brand. You can but if your first network is giving you better speed and network coverage than Ufone in any case, then my advice to you is to avoid trying new sim again because Pakistan Internet speed should be the same as provided by Internet signals or network coverage.

You and I all know that Pakistan has not made any progress in the world of internet and technology for the past decades, so if we follow that this is a new network, the speed will be very high. Yes, some days. until more users access the network, but when the number of users exceeds the speed of the given Internet, of course the performance of the newly introduced network will decrease that of all the previous networks. It is not worse than that, but it will get worse.

Because this SIM is not a completely new network, it will use the services of the existing U-Fone and give you the performance of the new network. Yes, it has another advantage that the prices of the packages are very low, but let me tell you that the internet package that ONIC Network is providing for 200 GB is the same package as on Zong. Available in PKR1600 which is given around PKR2000 on the new network ONIC. So if you compare the prices then this is nothing new for us anyway. 

Yes if you make calls and need a lot of minutes for a lot of calls then this new ONIC network is for you. Along with this, if I tell you, the biggest disadvantage of this ONIC SIM is that there are not so many people who understand technology in Pakistan. If there is any kind of problem, Using the sim network or during the online usage. Because the new SIM is completely controlled by the online apps, so buy a new SIM keeping in mind that if you understand the network / technology completely and know how to operate very well, then take it, otherwise avoid it. It is better to avoid buying such a thing than to face the problem in future.

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