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Download NA2WhatsApp v13.15 [Antiban] Mod BY Nasser Al Jaidi

Published on March 3, 2024
NA2WhatsApp APK is an unofficial app of the original WA. It is somewhat distinctive that the official one as it includes several new features.
Name NA2 WhatsApp
Package Name com.na2whatsapp
Publisher Nasser Al Jaedi
Category WhatsApp Mods
Version 13.15
Size 65MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5 and up
MOD Features Antiban
Link Download External
Play Store NA2 WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that offers a unique and stylish UI along with a lot of extra WhatsApp features.

NA2WhatsApp APK is an unofficial app of the original WA. It is somewhat distinctive that the official one as it includes several new features and functions. It performs well than other similar mods in the market. So, you get a great user experience by considering it as a wonderful alternative.

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Download NA2 WhatsApp V13.15 Mod by Nasser Al Jaedi (Antiban) Download NA2 WhatsApp V13.15 Mod by Nasser Al Jaedi (Antiban)

Download NA2 WhatsApp Green v13.15 Modded by Nasser Al Jaida

WhatsApp is the most common messenger App that has been used for a long period. But the official WhatsApp App comes with several limitations that are removed in the NA2 WhatsApp. NA3 WhatsApp comes with many features you can’t get in the official WhatsApp. You get more security features and customization options with this WhatsApp Mod. Also, it allows you more Privacy with its incredibly cool privacy features. Here in this article, we will be discussing all the information about the App. Keep reading!

What is NA2 WhatsApp

Download NA2 WhatsApp Green v13.15 Modded by Nasser Al Jaida
Download NA2 WhatsApp Green v13.15 Modded by Nasser Al Jaida

NA2 WhatsApp is a well-known name in the list of the best WhatsApp Mods. NA2 WhatsApp is a variant of NA2 WhatsApp with the same functions and features. The App offers a cool UI that is slightly different from regular WhatsApp. Along with this, it allows users to show their creativity and stylize their WhatsApp according to them. Changing themes, backgrounds, fonts, emoji styles, and more are some benefits of this WhatsApp variant.

Besides many customization options, this WhatsApp mod also offers security and Privacy features. Users can decide who can call them on WhatsApp; they can block calls only from specific contacts. Using this WhatsApp variant, you get an increased limit in several functions like sharing media, media quality, status uploading, etc. Additionally, there are some exclusive features that you will learn further in the article.

Features of NA2WA

  • Option to lock WhatsApp App with Pattern, PIN, or fingerprint password.
  • Hide Blue Ticks, Double tick, Typing, and Recording status.
  • Anti Delete messages and Anti Delete Status.
  • Anti View Once.
  • Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Disable calls from specific contacts.
  • Freeze Last Scene Status.
  • Repost option to repost the status of your contacts with just one click.
  • Mass Media Sender
  • Message Bomber
  • Auto Reply
  • Message Scheduler
  • Customize the overall look of WhatsApp.
  • Change the Background color, Theme, Fonts, emoji style, and more.
  • Recover deleted messages up to one month old.
  • Adjust the size of notifications and change the sound too.
  • Stylize Home Screen and Chat screen. Change chat bubbles, tick style, and more.
  • Thousands of Themes and Fonts.
  • Backup and restore WhatsApp data. And save more storage on your device.
  • Group features.
  • Send larger Photos, other media, and files in HD quality.
  • Share more files at a time.
  • Post longer statuses and add more characters to your text statuses

Most demanding features of the NA2WA

  • Users can message themselves.
  • Share multiple media or files at the same time outside.
  • New drawing pen enabled.
  • Online Privacy enabled.
  • Floating options are available in the Entry Box.
  • Leave Groups secretly; only admins will know you left.
  • Admins can remove messages from participants for everyone.
  • See the past participants of the group.
  • New Text Status UI and Status privacy design UI.
  • Quick Reactions to statuses.
  • Option color and control floating chat button added.
  • Floating chat options now have quick replies option.
  • Send emotional forms from the chat floating button.
  • Change voice during audio message with the chat floating button.
  • Enable/ Disable the feature of getting more options on tapping the chat bubble once.
  • Preview images before saving them to your gallery.
  • Repost others’ statuses with one click.
  • Users can now select their preferred “translate to” language in conversations.

Amazing features of NA2 WhatsApp Green

Get multilingual with NA2

NA2 WhatsApp gives your communication a global vibe. Now you can contact anyone globally using 40 major languages in this apk. Thus, every language is your language with NA2 WhatsApp.

Versatile Fonts

There are 20 different unique font styles that you can use in your daily communication. This has a positive impact and makes your presence prominent among others. You can use these fonts during your group chats and also in your status stories.

Extended limit of Image Sharing

Where you could only send 30 images at a time in your ordinary WhatsApp, you can share up to 100 images with this AVENGER. Amazing! Yoh

Pauses in Your Audio Recording

Although it is a freaky feature, it becomes fascinating. Because ordinary WhatsApp lets you record in just one go without any pause.

Thus, you would also have gone through the pain of recording repeatedly to get error-free audio. But now the situation has changed. You can just use the audio, think it over, and start speaking with the recording again.

Watchdog on Your Internet Consumption

This is a fantastic tool that monitors your internet consumption with different WhatsApp features. You can also watch your internet consumption by WhatsApp by parts, i.e., consumption on calls, messaging, data transfer, etc.

NA2 WhatsApp Unique Interface

Along with other innovative ideas, this application has a jaw-dropping interface that resembles the iPhone.

Quick Updates

If you have experienced any WhatsApp mod version before, will easily consider this feature a most important one. Because other app mods do not have any built-in update mechanism. That is far more difficult with the recent spread of many updates in the WhatsApp industry.

But no worries with NA2 WhatsApp. This apk has an update mechanism, so you just have to connect to the internet. Every time, this apk will be updated with its latest version. Thus, you don’t need to skim through the websites to look for some newer versions updated as usual for other mod versions.

Share long-form Status

There is another improvement in this fantastic apk that you can upload status for up to 30 minutes. Whereas you can just share a 30-second status on regular WhatsApp.

Group Call Option

From now onward, you can quickly call in a group, a conference call that includes more than two members.

Message Yourself

Do you want to save a document, link, or media file, just text yourself? This small tool by NA2 WhatsApp lets you keep your data by sharing it with yourself. Thus, you don’t need to skim your WhatsApp files when required.

Save View Once

As a counter to the newly inducted feature in ordinary WhatsApp, there is something really going to be helpful for you. Using regular WhatsApp now, people can limit their data to only one View. But NA apk counters this by not just making you able to watch that data repeatedly but also save it into your device.

Text any Number

You can now text or call any unknown number without saving it in your contacts. You just have to click the top right button, and a drop-down window will open. There you will find an option ‘ text a number’. Just type the number here and send whatever you want.

Turn Off Chat Blue Ticks

A pair of blue ticks is the last trace of you being online. Whenever someone sends you a message, if they get any blue tick at the top of their chat, they conceive you as you have read their statement. But with NA2 WhatsApp, you can control these blue ticks, thus will make others perceive that you are still offline.

Available Versions of NA2 WhatsApp

NA2 WhatsApp v13.15
NAWhatsApp v13.15

Download NA2 WhatsApp Green App Mod v13.15 by Nasser Al Jeidi (Antiban)

Download NA2 WhatsApp Green from here

You can download all the other versions of the NAWA from here


So, that was all about NA2 WhatsApp WhatsApp Mod. It is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp as it has enhanced the user experience for chattings and sharing files through WhatsApp. The App has several features that have already been discussed above in the article. As you already know that this App has a third-party developer. And third-party Apps are never 100% trusted and reliable. So, if you use this application, do it at your own risk. It is recommended to download the APK from a trusted source.

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