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Download NAWhatsApp v13.15 [Antiban + All versions] Mod BY Nasser Al Jaidi

Updated on March 3, 2024
Download WhatsApp Nasser Al-Jaidi 2024 NAWhatsApp Latest version against the ban. Download Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWhatsApp, the latest version
Name NA1WhatsApp
Package Name com.nawhatsapp
Publisher Nasser Al Jaidi
Category Communication
Version 13.18
Size 65MB
Price FREE
Requires 5 and up
MOD Features Privacy
Link Download External
Play Store NAWhatsApp APK is an unofficial app of the original WA

NAWhatsApp APK is an unofficial app of the original WA. It is somewhat distinctive that the official one as it includes several new features and functions. It performs well than other similar mods in the market. So, you get a great user experience by considering it as a wonderful alternative.

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Download Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWhatsApp, the latest version against the ban 2024 Download Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWhatsApp, the latest version against the ban 2024

Download Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWhatsApp, the latest version against the ban 2024

Download NAWhatsApp APK Antiban Modded By Nasser Al Jaidi
Download NAWhatsApp Antiban Modded By Nasser Al-Jaidi

Download Nasser Al-Jaidi WhatsApp NAWhatsApp, the latest version, against the ban 2024

Download Nasser Al-Jaidi WhatsApp 2024 NAWhatsApp, the latest version, against the ban

Welcome to the EhsanTechCorner website . Today we will share with you a new topic about versions of WhatsApp Plus against the ban. Download the version of WhatsApp Nasser Al-Jaidi, NAWhatsApp apk latest version 2024. This version of WhatsApp Plus, Nasser Al-Jaidi, has many features that are not present in the WhatsApp Plus version. The developer of WhatsApp, Nasser Al-Jaidi, worked a lot in modifying this version of WhatsApp, and he spent more than 3 months developing Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp against the ban. He published Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp at the end of 2021 to be the new nawhatsapp + distinguished update for the year 2024.

Nasser Al-Jaidi always downloads the latest version of WhatsApp and has four (5) versions of WhatsApp. We will mention all the versions of Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp. The first version is the official alternative WhatsApp, NA1WhatsApp, in blue, its second version, NA2WhatsApp, is in green and is installed next to the official one, and its third version is Nasser Al-Ahmar’s WhatsApp, NA3WhatsApp, in red. The fifth version is Nasser Al-Dhahabi WhatsApp, NA5WhatsApp, and the latest version is Nasser Al-Jaidi pink WhatsApp, NA4WhatsApp, in pink. These are all versions of Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp, NAWhatsApp Plus.

What is Nasser Al-Jaidi's WhatsApp NAWhatsApp plus

It consists of 4 copies, a copy that proves the official green WhatsApp alternative, a copy to run a second account, and a copy to run a third account based on the latest version of the WhatsApp application and supports all modern and old Android devices in addition to other features such as WhatsApp Plus Gold features, WhatsApp Omar, and WhatsApp Plus Blue.

Download Nasser’s WhatsApp NAWhatsApp Download Nasser’s WhatsApp NAWhatsApp Update Nasser’s WhatsApp NAWhatsApp Download Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWA Download Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWhatsApp Update Nasser Aljaede WhatsApp NAWhatsApp.

What is NAWhatsApp and what are its new features?

In the age of modern technology, social media applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. One of the most famous of these applications is WhatsApp, which is considered one of the most used applications around the world. WhatsApp can be useful for sharing messages, photos, videos, and documents, and makes it easier for users to communicate easily and effectively.

However, WhatsApp's strict control and limited features pose some problems for users. WhatsApp may ban some users due to inappropriate behavior or use of unapproved versions of the app. Official WhatsApp updates still prohibit downloading unapproved versions from the official application store.

However, NAWhatsApp V13.18 was developed by Nasser Al-Jaidi , which is one of the unofficial versions of the very popular WhatsApp application. This version aims to overcome the restrictions imposed by the official WhatsApp and provide more features and functions to users.

NAWhatsApp Features

Get multilingual with NA

NA WhatsApp gives your communication a global vibe. Now you can contact anyone globally using 40 major languages in this apk. Thus, every language is your language with NAWhatsApp.

Versatile Fonts

There are 20 different unique font styles that you can use in your daily communication. This has a positive impact and makes your presence prominent among others. You can use these fonts during your group chats and also in your status stories.

Extended limit of Image Sharing

Where you could only send 30 images at a time in your ordinary WhatsApp, you can share up to 100 images with this AVENGER. Amazing! Yoh

Pauses in Your Audio Recording

Although it is a freaky feature, it becomes fascinating. Because ordinary WhatsApp lets you record in just one go without any pause.

Thus, you would also have gone through the pain of recording repeatedly to get error-free audio. But now the situation has changed. You can just use the audio, think it over, and start speaking with the recording again.

Watchdog on Your Internet Consumption

This is a fantastic tool that monitors your internet consumption with different WhatsApp features. You can also watch your internet consumption by WhatsApp by parts, i.e., consumption on calls, messaging, data transfer, etc.

NAWhatsApp Unique Interface

Along with other innovative ideas, this application has a jaw-dropping interface that resembles the iPhone.

Quick Updates

If you have experienced any WhatsApp mod version before, will easily consider this feature a most important one. Because other app mods do not have any built-in update mechanism. That is far more difficult with the recent spread of many updates in the WhatsApp industry.

But no worries with NAWhatsApp. This apk has an update mechanism, so you just have to connect to the internet. Every time, this apk will be updated with its latest version. Thus, you don’t need to skim through the websites to look for some newer versions updated as usual for other mod versions.

Share long-form Status

There is another improvement in this fantastic apk that you can upload status for up to 30 minutes. Whereas you can just share a 30-second status on regular WhatsApp.

Group Call Option

From now onward, you can quickly call in a group, a conference call that includes more than two members.

Message Yourself

Do you want to save a document, link, or media file, just text yourself? This small tool by NA WhatsApp lets you keep your data by sharing it with yourself. Thus, you don’t need to skim your WhatsApp files when required.

Save View Once

As a counter to the newly inducted feature in ordinary WhatsApp, there is something really going to be helpful for you. Using regular WhatsApp now, people can limit their data to only one View. But NA apk counters this by not just making you able to watch that data repeatedly but also save it into your device.

Text any Number

You can now text or call any unknown number without saving it in your contacts. You just have to click the top right button, and a drop-down window will open. There you will find an option ‘ text a number’. Just type the number here and send whatever you want.

Turn Off Chat Blue Ticks

A pair of blue ticks is the last trace of you being online. Whenever someone sends you a message, if they get any blue tick at the top of their chat, they conceive you as you have read their statement. But with NA WhatsApp, you can control these blue ticks, thus will make others perceive that you are still offline.

User experience: Using the NAWhatsApp application in the face of the 2024 WhatsApp ban

  • Nasser Al-Jaidi is a professional and creative developer who works to improve users' experience on WhatsApp through unofficial releases. Its releases feature a lot of new features and changes to the user interface, making it easier for users to customize their experience based on their specific needs.
  • With NAWhatsApp V13.18, security and privacy have been improved with the addition of new options to protect users' personal data. The latest update also includes support for making high-resolution voice and video calls, increasing the sending limit for files and documents, the ability to read deleted messages and make blocking adjustments, and greater speed in sending files and videos.
  • Additionally, users can customize various settings and themes in NAWhatsApp V13.18, giving them a customized and personalized experience. Custom stickers can also be downloaded and added to your WhatsApp sticker panel.

Reviewing users' opinions about their use of the NAWhatsApp application and their opinions about the future ban of WhatsApp

  • Although NAWhatsApp V13.18 may offer great features and amazing improvements, using unapproved versions of WhatsApp may be an unsafe and dangerous decision. Your WhatsApp account may be banned if you use an unsupported version and you will not be able to access all of your WhatsApp content.
  • So, before downloading and using unofficial versions of WhatsApp, you should have enough awareness about the potential risks and decide wisely. You should also pay attention to updates from developers of unapproved versions and review their improvements and changes to ensure safe and secure use.
  • In the end, we must understand that the goal of developing unofficial versions of WhatsApp is to improve the user experience and provide more features and capabilities. However, these copies should be handled with caution and awareness to avoid any unwanted security problems or breaches. Users must handle these copies at their own risk and take adequate care before installing any update.

How To Set Profile Picture of NAWhatsApp

  1. Go to the Home screen and click on the 3 Dots from the right top corner.
  2. Click on setting.
  3. Find a round icon, just click on it.
  4. Select a picture from the gallery of your device or use the default camera to snap a picture instantly.
  5. Now, drag the picture right-left and ups and downs to set it properly.
  6. Finally, tap outside of the round to set the picture.

How To Set Profile description of NAWhatsApp

  1. Go to the Home screen and click on the 3 Dots from the right top corner.
  2. Click on the Setting option.
  3. Near the round icon, just click on the About section. Now, you write a brief description of you.
  4. Now click outside of the box, and automatically your profile description set.

What's new in WhatsApp Nasser Al-Jaidi, version V13.18

Update WhatsApp base to

  • Add stealth mode
  • Exclusively, you can now know if anyone writes you a message (whether his number is stored with you or not) and you will receive a notification about it. The notification has been prepared so that it does not disturb the user (spam).
  • Exclusively, you can now receive an alert when the other party reads your message (select any message and then choose Alert when reading)
  • Added again the option of day/night mode icon on the main screen
  • When you activate the ghost mode, you will be hidden from everyone. Your appearance will be hidden. Other people will think that you did not receive their message. When you open the message, it will not turn into a read message, and you can view statuses in hidden mode as well.
  • Added a separate download option for each conversation
  • Add the option to return to the old main interface (request from followers)
  • In addition, you can now read all the modified message archives
  • Added the option to show/hide ghost mode
  • Activate adding a second number from the same copy
  • Activate the new settings format
  • Activate the creation of a nickname for yourself (you must wait for official activation from the server)
  • Activate adding your email to your phone number
  • Activate the option to be accepted by the group admin when a new person enters the group
  • Deactivate some features for smooth use and avoid problems
  • Improvement The version of the ban has been improved
  • Fix privacy fix for users of WhatsApp Business version
  • Moved Day/Night mode has been moved to (Gold Add-ons/Themes)
  • Enjoy more and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More fixes and other improvements

Available Versions of NAWhatsApp

NAWhatsApp Blue v13.18
NA2WhatsApp v13.18
NA4WhatsApp v13.18
NA5WhatsApp v13.18
NA2WhatsApp Plus v13.18

Download NAWhatsApp Blue Antiban Modded By Nasser Al Jaidi

Download NAWhatsApp App from here

Download NA4WhatsApp Pink Antiban Modded By Nasser Al Jaidi

Download NAWhatsApp Pink App from here

Download NA2WhatsApp Green Antiban Modded By Nasser Al Jaidi

Download NAWhatsApp Green App from here

Download NA3WhatsApp Red Antiban Modded By Nasser Al Jaidi

Download NAWhatsApp Red App from here

Download NA5WhatsApp Golden Antiban Modded By Nasser Al Jaidi

Download NAWhatsApp Gold App from here


NAWhatsApp APK adds more new features and functions that are more useful for the users. People can protect their privacy as all data is encrypted. So, millions of users daily use the communication app to connect with people regularly. Now, you can decide to keep it on your Android phone.

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