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WhatsApp News: Prevent Taking Screenshot for View Once Media | Left WhatsApp Group Silently | Delete Messages for Everyone

Summery of the new features Added in WhatsApp, whatsapp news in September 2022? Explained All New Features of WhatsApp.stop taking whatsapp screenshot

How to Use New Features of WhatsApp Added in WhatsApp Beta | What's New in WhatsApp in September 2022? | Explained All New Features of WhatsApp. Summary of the new features added in WhatsApp | whatsapp news in September? | Explained All New Features of WhatsApp

What are the new features added to WhatsApp?

whatsapp news updatefor android
WhatsApp Opened in ios and Laptop | Left side WhatsApp logo icon | whatsapp news

This is the report for the second week of September! Recently, WhatsApp which is one of the most popular social media app. Without which any smartphone is incomplete. WhatsApp has added many important features in recent updates. Here is a summary and extraordinary explanation of the news added by the WhatsApp company in the last two months (September and August). The following are the top three updates that WhatsApp has recently informed users about:

  1. Added Option to Left Group Silently.
  2. Prevent taking Screenshots on View Once Media Files.
  3. An Admin can Delete Messages for Anyone in the group.

Keep reading this article carefully to know how to use and explain all the new features mentioned above. All the details are explained one by one about whatsapp news.

1. Prevent Taking Screen Shot On View Once Media Files:-

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature called Auto Disappear Media View Once on complaints and requests from users. The function of this feature was that whenever the user once downloaded and opened a media file, the file automatically disappeared from the conversation. And the recipient could not see the image/video again. But the user could still take a screenshot of the image to view the file again and again. In the solution to that problem, WhatsApp disabled the screenshot feature from WhatsApp in new updates. So now this feature has been added for testing for WhatsApp Beta Testers.

With this update, you will not be able to take a screenshot of any "View Once" media files received on WhatsApp, including images and videos.

2۔ An Admin can Delete Messages for Anyone in the group:-

WhatsApp numbers are becoming very viral these days. Because of this, some people fraudulently add themselves to groups that put their data at great risk. Your WhatsApp data may also be at risk of being hacked. Most Common Mistakes that can lead to your WhatsApp number being banned include joining WhatsApp groups etc.

Sometimes people add you to dirty groups like porn etc. to annoy you on purpose. Because the WhatsApp company does not allow pornography at all, it banned the number from using it in the future. In case you want to leave the group before punishment, the group admin will re-add you.

In this new WhatsApp update, you can leave groups on your WhatsApp without getting any notification. Previously, whenever your WhatsApp groups are left, you see a drop-down ribbon that says "Example Contact has left the group". But now you can quietly leave groups which means no more notifications will now appear when your partner leaves.

3. An Admin can Delete Message for Anyone in the group:-

WhatsApp has recently released a new update through which the WhatsApp admin can now delete the message and media file sent by any member in the WhatsApp group.

Some messages are also received in the WhatsApp groups that are indecent or whose topic is contrary to the purpose of the group, so in such a situation, the group admin must have full authority to delete the indecent messages. He can delete the message. The WhatsApp group admins have up to two days to delete the messages of each member of the group. This means that the group admin can delete any message for all members at any time within two days.

In the new update feature of WhatsApp, users or admins of groups can use their groups for business promotions and earn money.


whatsapp newsWhatsApp has recently rolled out extraordinary features, reaching three major targets over the course of a few months. These features will help users to use WhatsApp in a better way. The listed features have been added by the WhatsApp company to the WhatsApp Beta Testers Program for testing. A few lucky users of WhatsApp can enjoy using all these new features. 

Added Option to Left Group Silently. Prevent taking Screenshots on View Once Media Files. An Admin can delete a message for anyone in the group within two days. These three features are detailed above. Allow Ehsan Blogger. Explore our website to know more about new updates.

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