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Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy

Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy.WhatsApp alternatives in 2023. Ex PM Pak Imran Khan call leaks, Law of Pak for it

Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user privacy – EhsanTechCorner

Stop using WhatsApp, It is not safe for privacy (Imran Khan) 

Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy
Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy

Assalam Alaikum to all users, courtesy from me. We hope that all of you along with your families will be well and wherever you are, you will be healthy and strong with the grace of Allah. Dear friends today I will tell you in detail including evidence that you should not use WhatsApp after today because WhatsApp is no more secure.

Dear friends, let me tell you that the main reason why we are going to tell you about this topic in detail today is that a few days ago, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was calling a congresswoman in opposition to the United States. A call that was made through WhatsApp has been leaked a few days ago. The name of this American member is Maxine Moore.

Dear friends, the problem here is not what they were talking about, what was the conversation going on, as we all know that any given speech on technology does not matter what a company does, the most important and One of the top priorities is to keep your customer's data completely secure from third parties or illegal activities.

Why you should not trust WhatsApp anymore?
Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy
Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy

Friends, let me also tell you that when this news was leaked in Pakistan, it was also said that these calls were made to the Zoom meeting app from where it was leaked. Khan, who has become a global leader, has made it clear to his party members that Imran Khan has never contacted any American member of the assembly through the Zoom app, but he has called through WhatsApp. 

Dear friends, as far as I know, you may also know that Zoom does not have the ability to make a private call but attend meetings on it. And the transcript of this voice call was as follows: “Imran Khan was speaking to the American member of the assembly that she raised her voice in her assembly against the inhumane behavior happening in Pakistan in the current era. 

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WhatsApp is failed to protect user's data: -

It is possible that neither the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan nor the Member of Assembly were not talking to anyone about any terrorism in their countries but still, they were recorded and not only recorded but all of them and also released on national news channels. 

This call is released all over the world which you can listen to on YouTube without any trouble or effort, dear friends this is not only a cybercrime but a violation of basic human rights and privacy that should be done against responsible. The biggest conspiracy is that I thought it best to tell you today after a long day of confirmation. It has been about fifteen and a half sixteen since this incident.

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WhatsApp calls were tapped by third-party in the video as news:-

Dear friends, this makes it clear that WhatsApp is no longer secure for anyone to use, nor as WhatsApp claims, that it can access all calls, messages, and media files of its users end-to-end. -end protected by encryption is absolutely false, misleading, and deceptive.

Dear friends, you can infer from this that when the calls of a woman parliamentarian of the world's superpower America, the calls and voice messages of a country like the former prime minister of Pakistan, who is a leader in the whole world today, are not safe anymore. And how will you protect the citizens like us?

Dear friends as many of you will be well aware that WhatsApp is very easy to hack also if some of you don't know about the WhatsApp hacking myth then a few days back former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said something on a call. 

There have been calls in which he had a call with a woman member of the US Parliament where he was informing her about the inhumane treatment in Pakistan and asking her to raise her voice against the activities taking place in Pakistan. and help the people of Pakistan but all these calls of his have been recorded and it has also been aired on general TV channels to infame him as blaming that he is asking help from the USA against their country state for inhuman behaviors.

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Is there any legal judgment or permission from the judiciary - How the constitution of Pakistan deals with that?

I agree that if any person or civilian tries to harm the country, he must be traced by the authorities. But by following the constitution or law what it says is abounded to us. What law of Pakistan actually says about recording or tapping someone’s calls or any other related techiest. Pakistan's high court decision on recording personal calls without permission was made in 2016 under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA). 

Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy
Do not use WhatsApp anymore! WhatsApp is not safe for user's privacy

According to this act, it is a criminal offense to record someone’s video or audio without their consent and anyone who does so can be punished with imprisonment and/or a fine. This law also applies to capturing or disseminating the image of a person’s private body parts or their activities without their consent. You can find more details about this decision and other related judgments on the Supreme Court of Pakistan website.  

But I want to say there was no order or permission asked by any court to record it. So, it means it was totally illegal then if anyone illegally would try to do tapping this so where is the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp claims? I would definitely request the Pakistani government [PM Shahbaz Sharif] to take strict action against WhatsApp in Pakistan. I will request authorities ban Whatsapp in Pakistan to save and protect civilians and their privacy.

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What should you have to do now to protect yourself from being tapped on the internet?

So, my request to all of you is that if you are using WhatsApp for your personal chats or for any business purpose, delete it from your mobile today or reduce its usage.

I have also written an article where I have explained an alternative to the WhatsApp app. You can download any of them anytime. My suggestion is to use Signal App because Signal is an open source and also a non-profit organization that is totally free. It also provides you even more security against unethical access to your privacy. I would love to invite all of you to use the signal app.

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Bottom Line

In this article, I addressed the reasons why discontinuing the use of WhatsApp is advisable. I supported my claims with evidence while emphasizing that I did not target any political party or government. My intention was solely to ensure your safety. I also discussed a recent incident of significance and clarified Pakistan's law on illegal recordings, highlighting that it was not an official order by the judiciary. I urge the authorities to take strict action to safeguard civilians' privacy and safety. Additionally, I provided a list of alternative apps that effectively protect your data against cyber threats.

The explanation of the law of pakistan url are droven from the following url:

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