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Download Telegram Plus Noureddine: Prevent Messages Deletion on Latest Version for Android

Download Telegram Plus Noureddine: Prevent Messages Deletion on the Latest Version for Android

Download Telegram Plus Noureddine: Prevent Messages Deletion on the Latest Version for Android
Download Telegram Plus Noureddine: Prevent Messages Deletion on the Latest Version for Android

May peace mercy and blessings be upon you! We warmly welcome all of our EhsanTechCorner users. It is the second time today that we are going to interact with you. Before we posted Telegram Plus by Noorrudine, we posted TikTok Gold and noticed that our users love our work. we just want to ask all our users to keep supporting us by sharing it with friends and engaging them on Ehsantechcorner to read the latest daily updates on technology. we are tech-savvy. You may have followed what happened between Facebook and WhatsApp in recent months, causing many WhatsApp users to leave in search of a better alternative. Fortunately, the wonderful Telegram Plus and Golden Telegram apps offer two similar versions with some additions to decorate the interface of the app.

Telegram Plus is one of the most powerful and secure applications available, with more advantages than WhatsApp and without any complications like other applications. Additionally, it offers a browser to search for any topic of interest, and it distinguishes itself by opening channels (the Telegram channel), which has unlimited beauty compared to WhatsApp, and also offers unlimited message sending.

Downlad Telegram Plus Noorrudine:

Furthermore, Telegram Plus does not take up space on your phone as all exchanged posts remain on the server without filling up the phone's memory. You can add up to 2 million members in each group. As we all know Telegram is one of the best and most secure, including a secure connection, you have the ability to secretly chat using end-to-end encryption with cloud security. So why not try out Telegram Plus today and enjoy all of its benefits?

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Features of Telegram Plus:

  • It allows you to get your data very quickly, as it provides unlimited direct savings of a certain amount, which makes possible the multimedia function, which allows you to send a large number of correspondence, photos, audio, and images without barriers.
  • It allows you to create 100% confidential communications and fully encrypts and protects the information.
  • More importantly, it has a self-destruct feature, which allows the account holder to destroy any data or correspondence that they do not want to leave or report to the account holder.
  • You can use this function by clicking on the INFO option, after which it will send you a gray telegram that includes the specification of the era in which you want to destroy any data or information in the dialog that you want to destroy and all the information about it. forever and never get it back forever.
  • Its version is very light and distinctive since it occupies only 17 megabytes of device storage.
  • You can save your file easily and in a short period of time. It works on Android and Samsung Galaxy versions.
  • It allows you to talk with your friends and send and receive instant messages, text messages, and audio, or video content.
  • Enjoy privacy because it allows you to conduct secret trading sessions without anyone leaving.
  • From the beginning of the chats, you have access to more than 199 friends.

Unique Features Telegram Plus Noureddine:

To explain this application, Telegram Plus, it will not be enough for us to write only lines. It has much better features than WhatsApp, and Telegram users have increased in recent days, with more than 200 million installations on this giant Telegram Plus.

We will mention some of the features of this wonderful application so as not to lengthen its explanation.

Prevent deletion of messages

Any post either from one party or both parties. You can also recover the deleted one. as well as in groups according to group admin settings.

Visitors or the public

The Telegram Plus application can receive unlimited audiences for the Telegram channel or for groups, and even in private, all your numbers on the phone. With the click of a button, all your friends will be summoned to Telegram Plus.


This is exactly what made Telegram superior to all other apps in terms of comprehensive protection, and so far there is no penetration of this app currently, so you will find some major business transactions in the United States and the Middle East dealing with Telegram. Plus or with regular Telegram. .. and they avoid other applications like WhatsApp for example.. So dear visitor, if you want special freedom and no parasites, you can install Telegram Plus and you will not regret it, especially if you have secret transactions with any party, like a love relationship or the like, and most college students deal with this app, Telegram Plus.

Transmission and archiving

We talked about unlimited messages, as well as types of messages, channels, and groups at the beginning of the article, and also about avoiding the deletion of messages, and you do not need internal memory on your phone, and you do not display ads in the application interface and you can make it a browser on your phone like Google Chrome.

Telegram Plus Settings

When you enter the settings section, you will find a lot of data on how to change themes and background images for the app, organize channels and groups, prevent notifications from unwanted participants, and also permanently prevent notifications for everyone, regarding emoji, wording, and sharing the post with other platforms, all these are available in the settings of Telegram Plus

Up to the size of the video, cutting it, and writing on it, all this is available in Telegram Plus without the need for other programs or applications, in addition to hiding the time of operation and output, you can hide the profile photo in groups. , but in private is optional, and also hide the number on the front of the post or the name. All the particles and subparts to organize Telegram Plus according to your needs, just enter the settings and choose the appropriate language for you. All the buttons are translated in Arabic and you will understand what each button means.

Try to install Telegram Plus and see for yourself, you will like it more than WhatsApp, protection, distribution, chat, and search browser for whatever you want.

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How to download Telegram Plus?

  1. When you download telegram gold, you will see a notification that there is an update, open the download link and you will be taken to this site, then click download at the bottom of the article. Then enter your phone number to make sure that you are the owner of the device itself, because it will send you a special code to verify the account. 
  2. After the code is sent, it is entered and you have activated the account on your device. From now on, telegram gold is ready to use. Enjoy sending instant messages to anyone very quickly, free of cost, and in the fastest time. Then, it will ask the app to allow it to access your numbers on your device, and when you hit ok, it will start sending and receiving notifications. And when you have a friend who doesn't use Telegram or doesn't know the app, they can choose from the contacts menu to invite friends and invite your friend to download and run the app yourself ready to communicate quickly, more securely, and completely. 
  3. Then, telegram Plus will send messages to your registered friends through your account, including a modified Telegram download link. You have to know two very important things, the first is if you want to communicate with one of your friends, regular communication send simple messages like you would send at normal times. Or if you want to exchange several important things like photos, videos, or anything else you can do that by pressing the new secret chat option with this option, you can start a secret chat with your friend without any restrictions. 
  4. Also, after completing that session, you can use the permanent deletion feature and delete all the data and messages that were between you with ease and without going back, and after that, no one can retrieve them in Telegram Plus.

Telegram Plus stickers

Stickers are high-resolution images or enhanced to become emojis and give them a specific, more expressive character. When you use any emoji related to words, they will appear in the chat suggestion. The stickers are always in groups, and the stickers include a symbolic expression, and since Telegram Gold provides a set of stickers, you will have the option to download additional sticker sets provided by third-party developers, which you will find in Telegram Plus Gold.

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What's new in Telegram Plus

  • The source code updated to v9.4.9.0.
  • A theme application has been developed for the Golden Telegram, in which all themes are available
  • Added an option to sign in with a QR Code, and scan the code with another device (Settings -> Devices -> Link Device).
  • Add an option to hide the transcription button in voice messages.
  • Added an option to show the user's status circle on the chat screen only when online.
  • Added an option to show the user status circle on the home screen only if connected to the Internet.
  • Added an option to improve the quality of the audio recording.
  • Added an option to analyze links in [text] (link) format.
  • Added an option to open the archive in the dropdown.
  • Added an option to disable hiding the subject when hovering.
  • Added an option to show/hide the identity in the profile.
  • Added an option to add the date and time for forwarded messages.
  • New feature: Open search settings using the link
  • New feature: Open Golden settings search using the link
  • Emojis and stickers as a profile picture.
  • Translate entire chats.
  • Use detailed data.
  • Mood-based categories for emojis, gifs, and stickers.
  • New group permissions.
  • Extended autosave options.
  • Reactions to selected media.
  • New icons for data and storage usage.
  • Agent rotation.
  • Set as holding emoji status.
  • Pause the music while recording.
  • Change the design of the emoji, GIF, and sticker columns.
  • New icons in privacy and settings.
  • other reforms.

Download Telegram Plus Apk V2.10 Noorrudine 

Download Telegram Plus Noorrudine from Mediafire

How to solve the problem where the telegram stuck on connecting...?

Here in the following article, I am going to mention below, I have explained how to overcome the problem that most Telegram users have been facing “Connecting…” so that you can fix this problem in two ways.

  1. Using a proper safe and secure VPN
  2. Using a proper safe proxy

Please read our warning before installing a VPN that everyone should know. Apart from this, we also provide a workaround to overcome the connection problem on Telegram – use a free proxy for Telegram. I have also provided theproxy list for Telegram


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