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Unlocking New Features: Truecaller, YouTube, Instagram News Update

Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels

Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels - EhsanTechCorner

In today's article, you will be able to read about the most popular applications and the changes that were made to their systems. The top news is listed below where I will provide you details on YouTube updates, Truecaller call recording, Instagram, and all other news.

Article Introduction:-

Dear users, welcome all of you too to my blog wap ehsantechcorner today. I am very excited to see you here in my fresh article where I am going to announce some big updates in the technical world. As you all know, I am excited to share news updates related to WhatsApp and other important changes made on Android and IOS devices

Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels
Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels

so today I am going to talk about the latest updates from the most popular websites announced a few days ago. I am going to explain the latest news where I will mention Truecaller call recording on Instagram broadcast channels with streaming and YouTube monetization policy updates, so keep reading this article to know more about it.

Truecaller Call Recording:

So, first of all, we will try to explain the new change which is the current Truecaller call recording app. Truecaller has announced the latest news where they said that now Truecaller will be able to record calls when using a smartphone and will also generate transcripts. Before this, there are many third-party apps that allow you to record calls and Google didn't allow anyone to record calls. Truecaller will allow you to record calls. The difference isn't a major change in my opinion, but for an app, maybe it's a good move by the company to provide or make it easier for users.

Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels
How to record calls on true caller call recorder on Android in 2023

The biggest thing that's actually part of the backbone of this news is that you'll now be able to generate your transcript, which means that when you're talking to someone, it will not only record your call but also generate a transcript of what it's like. saying what your partner is trying to say and it will also be in text form so you can read it later I want to make it clear that it is only available in English and has only been tested in the US so far. Soon it will be available in South Asian news. You can read the full announcements here.

YouTube Channel Monetization Policy Updates:

Finally, dear friends, as you all know, YouTube also offers a partner program. YouTube allows you to monetize videos. If you are a content creator, you should know that Google also pays by posting ads within your videos. In order to monetize your YouTube channel, there are some of the most important steps you need to take before applying to have your channel monetized. At first, there was no limit to getting your channel monetization approved on YouTube, but then YouTube set a limit where you have to get 4000 hours of watch time, and 1000 subscribers and there are some big parts too.

Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels
Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels

But for now, you will be able to enable your content creation studio when you reach up to 500 subscribers 300 hours of quick time 1 million short views with the latest policy updates now you will be able to monetize your channel if you get everything I have mentioned above. Dear friends, your channel will be eligible to get a period from your customers instead of getting paid directly through YouTube. Now you can read the full detailed explanation of this news from the official website.

Instagram broadcast channels:

As we all know, Instagram is owned by a meta company. Instagram is also expanding the features that you now have the option to enable where creators will be able to create channels like Telegram channels so with the latest updates Instagram states that now the channel admin will be able to send a text message on a channel and all followers will get notified or receive this message at once.

Weekly news: Truecaller Call Recording, YouTube Monetization Policy Changes, Instagram Broadcast Channels
How to create Instagram broadcast channels on Android in 2023

Instagram says that admins will be able to add community members within channels to their friends if I give my opinion, then it's good to create a community and stay connected with your followers all the time. It will also be a great help for content creators to send your message in the channel and it will be broadcast to all your followers instead of sending them individually. 

If I can say that all members within a channel will not be able to see who is the other member of this channel instead of contacting the admin. I mean that members will only be able to see the group admin instead of other members within the channel. Dear friends, this image is less than 12 years old in beta tester, it is not released until today, June 18, 2023. Although, Yes, it is available for some countries, even at this time. read the full details about Instagram broadcast channels on the official blog.

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The Indian government will ban end-to-end encryption applications:

The Indian government is going to remove all the apps that they are actually providing end encryption for users. This means now WhatsApp will be banned very soon in India. Dear friends, the Indian intelligence agency, the internal wing, the planes that terrorists are connected with their partners through WhatsApp and the idea is that they will not be able to track them due to the encryption provided by the most popular applications.

Dear friends, if I give you my opinion, it's nothing like that, you are just crazy, you actually want to promote your chat app. Indian government's HD wants users to only use their apps instead of the most popular apps. You know that being a democratic country it is not good to look at anyone's personal chats and activities on social networks, it is also against fundamental rights if someone tries to interfere with someone's privacy. What is the guarantee that after that in WhatsApp and other applications in India, terrorists will not be able to connect with each other? Of course nothing these are just words nothing serious. 

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India's central intelligence says it suspects 14 apps were used by so-called "terrorists" and their supporters in Jammu and Kashmir (remember that it's occupied Kashmir that's been in Indian custody since 1948 illegally). are prohibited within the country.

To my point from you guys,, just WhatsApp recently announced a new feature which is called proxy server you know friends? If you are using WhatsApp, you will be able to connect to WhatsApp using proxy servers, even if it is prohibited in your country. Actually, the UK government also asked WhatsApp to disable and update encryption for their country, but WhatsApp refused because it goes against the fundamental rights of basic privacy rules. But in reality, they may want to track the kids and what they are trying to do on social media, so it's something important media for them to track the kids from bad comings.

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Although all countries will pay on WhatsApp, I can say that the database is so large and the users are billions that there is not an Android smartphone that does not have WhatsApp today. Recently Amit changed WhatsApp to a proxy server now if you will add any server to the proxy so even app services are prohibited in your country but you will be able to use it after I pass your service provider.

According to the Indian Express 14 mobile applications that provided end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) messaging services or enabled peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging, namely "Wickrme, Mediafire, Briar, BChat, Nandbox, Conion, IMO, Element, Second line, Zangi, Threema, Crypviser, Enigma, and Safeswiss", were blocked in India following the recommendation of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) beginning of May. These apps have been blocked under Section 69A of the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

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Conclusion of the article:

So here guys in this article I have gone over the top 4 news of the week. I have explained about Truecaller call recording, Instagram broadcast channels, and Youtube channel monetization policy updates. and at the end of this article, I provided a breaking news, I can say that it is a rumor. there is nothing officially announced by the Indian government according to my research. but I will definitely tell you when I will be sure of any update on WhatsApp being banned in India.

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