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Top 3 Useful Apps for Android: Best Apps for Content Creators

Basically, these applications are very crazy to use and they will bring a new journey for you if you are having a low-configuration mobile phone.

Top 3 Useful Apps for Android to enhance your daily life works - EhanTechCorner

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Top 3 Useful Apps for Android: Best Apps for Content Creators
Top 3 Useful Apps for Android: Best Apps for Content Creators

Most welcome all of you to ehsantechcorner once again I am very happy to see you here on my website for today's blog post. Dear friends I am always trying to share meaningful and fully informative content daily and I also hope and believes that you might like it also I need your help to gain more success on Google search for this you have to share all those articles that you think are really helpful for you and can help others to. Dear friends today I am going to provide you article which will talk about the three most amazing applications on the Google Play store that will be very useful for low-storage mobile phones or you can say it is very helpful for all devices that run lower than Android version 5.0

Download Top Smallest Apps for Android (Enhance useability)
Top 3 Useful Apps for Android to enhance your daily life works
Top 3 Useful Apps for Android to enhance your daily life works

Basically, these applications are very crazy to use and they will bring a new journey for you if you are having a low-configuration mobile phone.  My today article contains an internet browser , an image compressor tool, and a social media handling browser also. Dear friends this article is all about saving your mobile phone's internal memory. You can say it will also help you in increasing your mobile phone speed also because if you have a small number of applications installed on your mobile phone then your processor will not take so long to load your applications and also it will improve your multitasking.

1. Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

Top 3 Useful Apps for Android
Top 3 Useful Apps for Android

Dolphin zero incognito browser is an application that is designed for Android smartphones this application allows you to browse any online website or web pages without storing your information such as your mobile device information your location your service provider and so on. I would like to tell you that this file is under 1 MB in size which means you can install this application even if your mobile storage is less than 100 MB.

Dear users dolphin zero incognito browser is a gift for those users whose home mobile phone is Always showing messages where it says: - your storage is full try to delete something to store new data. Like me, you will be also shocked whenever you will see this alert that says your internal storage is full with your apps or unnecessary files go ahead and delete some unwanted applications to make your storage free to store your new information. So today guys I brought this application to you so that you will use it and hopefully, it will solve your all problems if you are facing a low storage issue. 

Dear friends this application is very useful if you want to browse without sharing your information it will not trace your data whatever you will search it will not even store search history within the application so you can use it without fear. Dolphin Zero incognito browser is also available on the Google Play store to download and install on your Android smartphone to protect your personal and online activities on the internet.

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Key Features of Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

Enabling by default ‘Do Not Track' functionality to its fullest extent, Dolphin Zero will also never collect, store or share any of the following information:

  • Browser History
  • Form Data
  • Input Data
  • Passwords
  • Cached Data and Files
  • Favicons
  • User Address Book
  • Cookies
  • Location Information
Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser App information

App Name

Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

Package name


Browse web pages, Minimum App Size

App size



Download Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser


(3400+ reviews)

2. SlimSocial Apk for Facebook

Top 3 Useful Apps for Android
Top 3 Useful Apps for Android

Salim social apk is also designed for Android users and their friends this will be very helpful when you are using less storage mobile phone and you facing the same problem as above I have explained, dear friends you may be heard about the Facebook stores and covers of your big amount of storage to store or access the Facebook app your friends you can install the social or slim social app to save your internal storage it also has file size less than 16 MB which means you can access Facebook and your is all features with low storage. 

This kind of application is totally helpful for those devices that do have not enough sufficient storage to store new data or to access important files on the internet. Dear friend slim social app is very helpful if your mobile phone is also an old version and hanging less storage than a normal mobile phone you can also uninstall the Facebook app because it needs a big amount of storage to save cash memory and to access Facebook because of it will not use your internal storage at all. The Socialslim apk works like a multi-browser so you can use Facebook and enjoy it as the browser.

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SlimSocial for Facebook

App Name

SlimSocial Apk for Facebook

Package name



Facebook Browser with low storage

App size



Download SlimSocial for Facebook

SlimSocial for Facebook


(7300+ reviews)

3. Image compressor Lite

Top 3 Useful Apps for Android
Top 3 Useful Apps for Android

Image Compressor is a tool that is developed for Android this app has less storage like both previous apps you can use this application it is very helpful if you are a content creator or a photography lover I hope you have sometimes noticed that when you click large images so you can install this application from the Google Play store and just open application and then drag-drop the required image within this app and then also you can file for a favorite file or your desired image quality that you want to compress this quality would be in KBS which means 500 KB as your minimum or maximum quality so it is very helpful to compress your images. 

I will like to say this is a very helpful tool for editors or you can say Image Compressor lite is an editor's choice app. As you can also understand from its name that it has worked as an image compressor. it will push your file to a small amount of size without wasting your image quality your friend is also under one MB of file storage and gives you more efficient results.

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How to compress images?
  1. Open the application.
  2. Drag and drop the required image within the app.
  3. Select the desired image quality you want to compress.
  4. You can choose the file format for the compressed image.
  5. Specify the image quality in kilobytes (KB). You can set it to a minimum or maximum of 500 KB.
  6. Click the compress button to start the image compression process.
  7. Wait for the app to compress the image.
  8. Once compressed, the app will display the compressed image.
  9. You can save the compressed image to your desired location.
Image Compressor lite apk information.

App Name

Image compressor lite Kb&Mb

Package name



Compress big images into kb with no effect on quality

App size



Download Image Compressor lite kb & mb

Image Compressor Lite KB & MB


(8200+ reviews)

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Here is today's article, I brought top-listed very useful apps and also shared some of its informative material to tell you how exactly these apps would work. dear friends these are actually utility apps that may help you in daily life. you can also say these 3 apps are actually important for you if you are a content creator or anyone can use them. the process of using the following apps is very easy no need to be a professional to use these apps.

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