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Download Telegram Gold AbuArab (Telegram Plus Gold V2.30)

Golden Telegram Plus is a program that has many advantages that we will explain to you below. Just download Telegram Plus and enjoy safer conversations and communicate through group conversations that may include hundreds of friends in different countries of the world without borders, restrictions and the possibility of the destruction of any data between you and these friends just follow us Learn about our program today and don't forget to comment below the article.

Download Telegram Gold AbuArab (Telegram Plus Gold V2.30)

Download <b><u>Telegram Gold</u></b> AbuArab (Telegram Plus Gold V2.30)

Assalamu Alaikum! Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus once again. Friends today's topic is another Mod app that is Telegram Gold by Abu3rab we will discuss this app in detail just below this article. but before this, if you have didn't Follow us till now then subscribe to our website so you have to do it first so all our new technology-related updates will directly go to your inbox.

What is Telegram Gold

Telegram Gold plus is a Mod telegram that is an alternative to the official telegram from the play store but it has more features than both Telegram Plus and Telegram. it has some special features that I will describe below in detail still in the introduction of telegram golden I will say that this app is developed by Assem Mahgoob an Arabic app developer.

Why do you need telegram gold plus?

this is a very important question what was the reason for developing Telegram Gold plus when there are 2 copies Of telegram that were already available on the play store telegram and Telegram?
The answer to the question is When they started making WhatsApp mods such As WhatsApp Gold APK WhatsApp APK and AGWhatsapp copies. their users were so happy to use it after they faced some issues but they never give up their efforts and continue their work. After their success in WhatsApp Gold, their users increased in large amounts then they asked to develop Instagram Gold and in users' demand, they also developed instagold after that both Mod's successes their users re-asked them to now make telegram golden and now they have made it. there are many updates about telegram gold already. You will get below this post.

what are the features of telegram gold plus?

  • Telegram gold plus provides encrypted security to its users.
  • telegram allows its users to hide their Mobile Numbers from their profiles.
  • Telegram Gold allows its users to hide their last seen even though they can see others' online statuses.
  • Telegram Gold plus provides lots of Extra themes. 
  • Telegram Gold plus provides a facility to separate Chats, Groups, and Channels so users will no longer confuse by messages and find the exact place. 
  • Telegram gold allows its users to send high-quality media and texts with animated stickers.
  • Telegram Gold allows its users to set Auto disappearing messages features so if he doesn't like to leave their chat with someone or you want to delete messages but you're so lazy so then it will help them to delete Messages automatically.
  • Telegram allows its users to broadcast a message to up to 99+ contacts at a time as in WhatsApp you can broadcast your message to save time. 
  • Telegram Gold plus supports 12+ languages including the Arabic language with word fixes and is easy to learn and understand. 
  • You can download your media files on external memory by using Telegram Gold.

Telegram Gold Stickers

Stickers are nothing but cloud-based HD images developed to give more expressive emojis when a user types some emojis related to words they will appear in chat suggestion Stickers are usually in groups called 'groups' and multiple stickers can be served for one emoji Telegram plus a group of stickers can be served Only one but users will have the option to download additional sticker packs provided by external contributors that you can only find on telegram plus gold apk.

  • The source code has been updated to v9.0.2.0
  • Infinite reactions, emoji statuses, and more
  • New expandable interaction menu and dozens of new reactions for all users
  • Premium users can interact with thousands of custom emojis, up to 3 per message
  • Premium users can set an emoji status next to their name, and choose from thousands of emojis
  • New public link format: username.t.me
  • Downloads can be prioritized in the Download Manager
  • Support for themed app icons on Android 13
  • Added option to hide premium stickers
  • Added option "Disabled" for chat menu swipe left gesture.
  • Added option to force layout of micro-reactions in chat
  • Added buttons for back and forward steps of the audio player
  • custom animated emoji
  • Include animated emojis in messages and captions.
  • Premium users unlock over 500 new emojis, including custom packs with unique characters.
  • All users can view any emoji - and try it in the saved message chat.
  • Premium: Voice message privacy settings
  • Control who can send audio and video messages with Telegram Premium.
  • Gift Telegram Premium
  • Send a premium subscription to any user from their profile.
  • Choose 3, 6, or 12 months - at a discount.
  • Option to skip next audio playback
  • Option to show bot/channel/group icon before the name
  • Option to hide/show header buttons while selecting messages
  • Option to open avatar instead of settings from profile tray
  • Option to disable premium stickers animation
  • Option to disable avatar animation on the home screen
  • Option to disable avatar animation in the chat screen
  • Option to disable avatar animation in the profile screen.
  • Option to increase the quality of the circular video.
  • Option to hide the new preview menu.
  • Other reforms.

How to download Telegram Gold plus?

First of all, just click on the Download Button below you will see, and then it will redirect you to Media fire 🔥 where you will download Telegram Gold plus v2.30 then click on the "Telegram Gold plus v2.30" to download it. After that, your downloading directory will be asked by the browser if you didn't have selected or added a folder as default to save your download items. Then choose where you can find your app easily. Then click on "OK" to avoid the notification as This type of file might be harmful to your device. I shall like to tell you that this is only because you're not downloading software from the play store but actually there's no harmful content in our app. After that, your downloading will get started.

How to Install Telegram Golden?

After downloading is finished installation process is very simple and easier to do just follow the steps as before you by clicking on Next, Next, and clicking on the Install button so your app will install Now you can open your Telegram Gold plus and get enjoy using this app.

Download Telegram Gold (org.gold.telegram) Mod By Abu3rab

Download Telegram Gold تحميل تلجرام الذهبي

Download Telegram Gold Plus (org.telegram) Alternative to the Official Telegram by Abu3rab

Download Telegram Plus تحميل تيليجرام بلس

It is a distinctive application that was launched for the first time and specialized in instant messaging, it does not have an official application, and it was developed by the WhatsApp Gold Apk team. It works on Android 2.2 and any Android version.

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