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Download AG2WhatsApp Apk V37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem Mahgoob

Updated on April 21, 2024
AG2WhatsApp APK Latest Update V37.30 allows users to download status from their Contacts with built-in status-saver functionality.AG2WhatsApp Apk 2024
Name AG2 WhatsApp
Package Name com.ag2whatsapp
Publisher Assem Mahgoob
Category WhatsApp Mods
Version 37.30
Size 75MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5 and up
MOD Features Antiban
Link Download External Server
Play Store Download Update WhatsApp Assem Mahjoub AGWhatsApp Latest Version

Welcome to EhsanTechCorner, this is the official page of Download and download WhatsApp Asim Mahjoub Blue, pink, green and yellow Ertugrul WhatsApp is the latest version with very wonderful features, you can now download the WhatsApp update Asim Mahjoub Blue, pink and green from the links below the article whenever you have to choose the version you are using as shown below with the icons Just click on the word Download under the icon of the copy you are using and you will be redirected directly to Direct link to download from Media Fire.

Table of contents
Download AG2WhatsApp Apk V37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem MahgoobDownload AG2WhatsApp Apk V37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem Mahgoob Download AG2WhatsApp Apk V37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem MahgoobDownload AG2WhatsApp Apk V37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem Mahgoob

AG2WhatsApp APK (Latest Version) v37.30 Free Download by Assem Mahgoob

AG2WhatsApp Pink WhatsApp allows users to download statuses from their Contacts with built-in status-saver functionality.AG2WhatsApp allows users to customize their privacy [Hide saw, who can call? Conversation Lock, Blue ticks show after reply, second tick (green tick) hide, Bluetick hide, Hide status view (even though you will be able to see who watched your status?).

WhatsApp allows its users to make their WhatsApp interface attractive and beautiful with 1000+ themes.AG2WhatsApp allows its users to set toast notifications for each new activity on WhatsApp. AG2 WhatsApp allows its users to customize their WhatsApp but not fully although 70% of them can.

AG2WhatsApp Update 2023

Download AG2WhatsApp Apk V37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem Mahgoob
AG2WhatsApp APK (Latest Version) v37.30 Free Download by Assem Mahgoob

AG2WhatsApp APK (Latest Version) Free Download

Welcome to EhsanTechCorner, and I m thankful to all of you dear most precious visitors. we here trying to provide a download ag2whatsapp apk link direct from Mediafire. so today we are going to download WhatsApp AG2WHATSAPP Update 2022 Against Ban Latest Update From Direct Link For Android WhatsApp Assem AGWHATSAPP For Android Update All Versions Of WhatsApp Assem Mahjoub AGWHATSAPP Blue Pink Green Ertugrul Latest Version For Android WhatsApp App AG2WHATSAPP Anti Ban 2022 for Android is one of the modified version of WhatsApp known as (WhatsApp Plus), which is developed based on the original version of WhatsApp. Where the official WhatsApp application has been modified and many features and additions have been added that are not available in the original WhatsApp green program, in order to satisfy the wishes and requirements of all the users of the world.

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Download AG2WhatsApp APK 3ssem

AG2WHATSAPP app is characterized by many wonderful features which are not available in other versions of WhatsApp Plus, and among the most prominent features of WhatsApp, Assem Mahgoob is that it is anti-ban and contains all privacy options in addition to all the benefits and capabilities that the original WhatsApp app is famous for, plus a Novelty pack of capabilities that make the AG2WHATSAPP app unique from the rest of the new versions of the new WhatsApp app. WhatsApp Assem anti-ban app is very similar to other WhatsApp Plus versions, and the new modified versions like WhatsApp Omar, GB WhatsApp, and the rest of the other WhatsApp Plus versions with some slight differences for each version.

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Assem WhatsApp Pink Update Latest

WhatsApp Asim is characterized by a unique set of wonderful features in addition to different distinctive colors, including WhatsApp 3ssem Blue Version, WhatsApp Assem Mahgoob Pink Version, WhatsApp Assem Mahgoob Green Version, and WhatsApp Assem Mahgoob Green Version. Ertugrul. , and many advantages that we will mention in detail in this article if you are looking for The best version of WhatsApp Plus is modified and powerful and has many features and additions that make your use of WhatsApp not limited to any kind of restrictions or obstacles, with customization of privacy options, you can download the AGWHATSAPP application from a direct link to the latest version, from the direct link in the latest version of the theme.

Advantages of AG2WhatsApp Pink 3ssem

  • Supports downloading stories of anyone's stories on WhatsApp.
  • Hide the last seen, the blue tick, hide that you have seen anyone's story and all the privacy options.
  • A theme store contains more than 1250+ themes.
  • The ability to change Facebook to Facebook, Twitter, or other...
  • Supports setting a lock with a secret number or pattern on WhatsApp or a specific conversation.
  • Supports the ability to send any type of file (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..).
  • The ability to send 100 images at once + an option to send images in high resolution.
  • The ability to send a message (WhatsApp message) to an unsaved number.
  • WhatsApp Assem Mahjoub carries all the advantages of WhatsApp Plus and Blue and more
  • It supports all Android devices and also supports Kitkat versions 4.4.2, 4.1.2, and 4.4.4 in addition to the modern design and more features!
  • Update to the market version of the latest version.
  • A safe, stable, and light version that works without problems.
  • Fix the problem of not hiding the AutoText icon.
  • Repairing the theme server without the need for the application and adding new and updated themes.
  • The ability to hide photos and videos from the gallery, while still being able to view them via the WhatsApp application (open the profile of any conversation, then view the media).
  • (Exclusively) Adding a record of deleted messages, you can now see the messages that the other party has deleted at any time (open the profile of any conversation, then delete messages).
  • Activate the option to save the conversation in the form of a compressed file and the ability to share it (options - more - transfer chat).
  • Activate the feature of marking the message as read from notifications.
  • Activate the option to select all chats on the main screen.
  • The ability to request the report of your WhatsApp account information and settings, as well as transfer it (Open Settings in WhatsApp - Account - Request account information

Important Message by WhatsApp App Official

WhatsApp finally notified every user who does not use any application bearing the name WhatsApp outside of the Google Play store. If the users will keep using unofficial apps that is considered unethical use. WhatsApp warned the users that if they keep using modified fake copies of WhatsApp then the users must get ready for the consequences and the company will punish users by blocking their account for a lifetime or it may for a few weeks or months which means it will be banned temporarily. WhatsApp claims that these apps might be harmful to the users and they can leak out the data of the users and break their privacy. 

For me, I hope my honest users of trust us and if you trust me then I swear I was using the official WhatsApp beta and as a test, I started to keep fighting with one of my friends just for test and I noticed my account was banned by the company and this is the time when I was using official WhatsApp but in the other hand my friend was not banned and the fact was he was using WhatsApp gold apk that shocked me. my official WhatsApp account is not allowed to use WhatsApp anymore for a lifetime. so my conclusion is WhatsApp is not safe actually as if you keep using it directly and your data is not encrypted or secured end-to-end encrypted privacy. they are a big liar.!

What's new in AG2WhatsApp v37.30?

  • Update to Market version
  • Exclusive Fix the ban and alert you must use the official WhatsApp
  • Search for messages within the conversation by date and time
  • Send an audio clip for one-time listening
  • The date and name appear automatically when copying more than one message
  • A new way to view and apply fonts
  • Option to return to the old main interface (request from followers)
  • Hide the reading plate
  • Go to the wrong message when navigating between messages in any conversation
  • Dial the lock twice in the conversation
  • Inability to open media if sent for one-time viewing
  • Hide that you saw the status when stealth mode is activated
  • The option of the green dot appearing in case someone becomes connected
  • Do not apply the theme in the emoji window
  • Not applying fonts in some interfaces
  • Do not open hidden conversations in some shapes
  • Some color options don't work
  • Home screen icon color
  • Restore the memory backup
  • Other fixes and improvements

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Mod Information of AG2WhatsApp By Assem Mahgoob

App name


Package name




Mod by

Assem Mahgoob

Last Update


Alternative Apps

Download ERWhatsApp Apk 2023

Download AG2WhatsApp Pink APK v37.30 Antiban Mod by Assem Mahgoob Latest Update

Download AG2WhatsApp Pink APK


Today I gave a direct download link to download ag2whatsapp 3ssem by official sources and a certified web page. we are certified by 3ssem to publish and distribute the app among the users because we only explained the major information that every foreign user should understand deeply about ag2whatsapp all the information provided on this page is considered official guidance for all the users of assem whatsapp so they can avoid false propagandas about it on internet. 

I want to clarify that there are many people who always work on stealing data and posting AMONG people without approval, so in this case, the developer will not be held responsible if you download ag2whatsapp outside. because bad people always try to force users to download malware apps and virus-filled software in the name of popular apps. I can't show the signature of the developer-approved certification Assem mahgoob to allow distribution of the app because bad people and evil minds can steal the signature and harm the users.

Available Versions of AG2 WhatsApp

AG2 WhatsApp v37.30
AG WhatsApp v37.30
other page

The version of Watts Assem pink is the second version developed by Asim Mahgoub, which bears the name "AG2 WhatsApp" and contains several features and additions and also wonderful themes.

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