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5 Apps You Should Delete Right Now from Android and iOS

There are five apps that you should delete right now! if you have installed any of them for Android and iOS devices in 2023 and 2024.

5 Apps You should immediately delete in 2024

There are five apps that you should delete right now! if you have installed any of them for Android and iOS devices in 2023 and 2024. There is a list of apps that you should not install on your mobile phone as a new user or an old user too.

Introduction -

5 Apps You should Delete Right Now
5 Apps You Should Delete Right Now in 2024

May the peace and blessings of Allah almighty be upon you. Most welcome all of you dear visitors to our website. We hope you are very well and enjoying your life. As usual, everyone knows that EhsanTechCorner is always on to write informative content. As you all know, we provide all kinds of WhatsApp mod apps and some other trending apps for Android and iOS. You also get the latest updated news for Whatsapp novelties and gadgets reviews. We are going to talk about the "five apps that are very dangerous for your Android and iPhone" devices. You can also say "5 apps you should uninstall right now." We are going to discuss these apps below in the following content. Keep reading the article and also at the bottom, you can give us feedback on this article.

5 Apps you should delete immediately for Android

Dear users, we are glad to see you here reading our article, and thanks you gave us precious time. Today, we want to tell you about the "most dangerous apps in play store" that can harm your Android mobile phones. These are not just "five apps that you should uninstall," although you should not install the category of apps within it. They can hack your data by installing spying programs on your device. 

These are the Android apps that can degrade the performance of your processor. Though it affects your battery average badly. It consumes your battery more than usual. There are some 'battery saver apps' that actually claim to save your battery and increase battery backup life. But actually, it increases battery consumption and damages your processor. You should also not try to get a loan from any online application in any situation you are facing in your life.

I am going to discuss each app and similar apps that can harm your mobile device badly. I will give you full tests and teach you about the safety sides. You will also be able to learn the substitutes. I will give you complete information about these apps.

1. Online Personal Loan-Providing Apps

List of Online Personal Loan Apps removed from apps store
List of Fake Online Personal Loan Apps Removed from Apps Store

As we know that in our life there are often such compulsions when we don't even have a single piney to use. In such situations, we need someone to help us, so we try to borrow money from our acquaintances and banks, etc., so that we can use the money as a loan to solve our problem. and then when the situation is better, they can repay the loan. 

To take a loan in the past, people used to inform the nobles and people higher than themselves about their compulsion and get the money for a few percent interest and after the difficulty was overcome, the loan amount was returned. But nowadays there are many banks that provide money for a few percent interest. 

But as technology is advancing now online services are being provided to take the loan. A prime example of this is “online lending apps” at the top.

Sometimes we have seen that when we try to use YouTube or any other website like Facebook, Instagram or vidmate, etc., we have often seen ads playing while watching videos from applications like YouTube, etc. Why are those companies providing loans to us for a longer period of time with less interest rates? Some people get loans from these companies without doing any proper research about the company.

Online personal loan apps collect some information from you such as your National Identity Card details and some basic information of yours including permanent address etc. and these applications claim to get you an online loan. They release that too in exchange for low interest. The process is that you have to install any loan-providing application from the Google Play Store and after that, it has to provide some basic information including your National Identity Card details.

Also, these applications get some permissions from you during the installation process. These apps are much more dangerous than a common person can understand, loan providing apps are allowed to access your gallery data, your videos, your photos, and all the numbers in your contact list. Gets all the information that can be used to blackmail you later and you also unknowingly grant all the permissions to this application during or after the installation period. Because a common man does not know what he is going to do. These applications and their developers take advantage of this simplicity.

when you take away they lend you, for example, for a hundred days, but when a week passes, it's you. start contacting for loan repayment but when you say loan repayment days are yet to come, these apps consider all numbers in your contact list to blackmail you. And disturb them, in which case these numbers are transmitted to other unknown people and disturb their relatives.

Many complaints have been filed about such apps and a large number of online loaner apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. But still, there are some apps that are available on the play store so be safe and also tell your loved ones to stay away from such apps.

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2. Mobile Cleaner Apps

List of Mobile Cleaner Apps You should delete
Apps You Should Delete Right Now - Phone Cleaner Apps

What affects the performance of a mobile phone the most is its idle storage capacity. The better the performance of the readers' mobile phone. The smaller the storage of the mobile phone, the slower the mobile phone will work. And it will use more battery, which will drain the battery sooner. In such cases, we should keep the maximum space of our mobile phone cleaner. In the past, there were many such apps available on the Play Store by which users could remove all the junk files from their mobile phones. Like Chache memory, image thumbnails, etc.

Apparently, Android users use such applications in their mobile phones to increase the speed of their mobile phones and increase their performance a little, but in reality, this is not the work. Actually, the purpose for which users install these applications negates all these requirements. First, it takes permissions that put all the data in your mobile phone at risk, later you can find anyone using your data. Users use them to increase the speed of their mobile phone and free up their memory, but actually, this application surrounds your opinion on the first installation, and then it stores its own junk files in your memory. Used to store leftovers. There are also some applications that send the data in your mobile phone like personal photos and other small personal information to their developers who periodically spy on your device through the phone cleaner apps. Such an application, if you do any work, when you install it on your mobile phone and open it to use, you can increase the performance of your mobile phone when you use it. If enabled, it will do a trick to stop all the background operations/tasks running in your mobile phone, i.e. kill all the apps running in the background on the CPU. So that every time you try to re-open these applications next time, your mobile phone processor will have to force you to open them again from zero, which means that your mobile phone processor will abnormally lose power. when loading the apps every time you use them.

So whenever you need to use any application for this purpose, it is best to use phone manager or phone safety or install with any other name on your mobile as a built-in. Because the built-in application in the mobile phone which is installed in the mobile phone from the first day will not damage your mobile phone and the company will also be responsible if your data is leaked etc. And avoid installing any such application from the google play store, hope you understand my point. 

All phone cleaner or memory cleaner apps are complete crap, and they only harm your mobile phone. So avoid installing any such dangerous application on your mobile phone.

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3. Battery Saver Apps

List of 5 Most Popular Battery Saver Apps
List of Most Popular Battery Saver Android Apps 

As we all know that in the past mobile phone batteries were small in power and size, and their battery timing was also very short. Since then, applications have been developed that protect your mobile phone battery from unnecessary usage and increase the battery timing of your mobile phone. All such battery saver applications are developed keeping in mind only user usage but in reality, such applications only harm your mobile phone and do not increase your mobile phone's performance and battery timing. Battery saver applications always load your mobile phone and are the gallery of your mobile phone while also taking a huge toll on the RAM. The battery-saver application does not work as it claims. This means that the battery-saver application claims to increase the timing of the mobile battery but in reality, it reduces the timing of the mobile phone when installed as an additional application. However, nowadays the batteries of mobile phones have also increased, meaning they have become larger than before. Now, most such applications are of no particular use but if your mobile phone battery does not give much backup time then the built-in battery saver in your mobile phone is the best option to control your battery life.

You can increase the battery timing of your mobile phone by using this built-in software as it is fully optimized, and compatible with your mobile phone's software, saving your mobile phone and battery. There is no negative effect. And you are also protected from any kind of provision in your mobile phone because if there is any kind of damage occurs, it will be the sole responsibility of the mobile manufacturing company which you can claim later.

I am saying with utmost confidence and responsibility that such apps don't work at all, and the apps that actually work, they charge you money and don't deliver the performance they claim. . Therefore, avoid keeping and installing all such applications on your mobile phone, which cause any damage to your mobile phone, or any hardware or software in the mobile phone. I am saying this because all these apps are developed by third-party developers, and we should never trust third-party developers at all, and also most apps are not certified by Google. Play Store is working day and night to remove all such dangerous apps from its store, so there is still a lot of time until all these dangerous apps are removed from the list. My advice to you is that rather than installing such an application, it is better to use the built-in software on your mobile phone.

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4. GBWhatsApp App - WhatsApp Mod

gbwhatsapp app for android in 2022
GBWhatsapp app for Android in 2024

Dear friends, as we know that this is the era of technology, and every human wants to use a more advanced system. It comes to you that he can use more advanced systems to achieve a goal. Dear friends, we know that in the present day, there is no smartphone that does not have WhatsApp installed. Friends, if I tell you what WhatsApp is, it will be an insult to WhatsApp. however, I will briefly describe it to all of you guys. Everyone knows that WhatsApp is a social media app on which we can communicate with our dear friends, colleagues, and business customers. We can stay attached to each other by creating groups on WhatsApp, they can note that WhatsApp is a very secure and safe application, using which you can feel completely safe.

But a few months ago, WhatsApp published a warning notification in which WhatsApp wrote that all the applications that are available on the Internet, bear the name WhatsApp or an alternative to Whatsapp, using which users can verify their mobile phones, and complete all of them. It is going to be banned. The company said that the fake WhatsApp which is available on the internet like GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp King, Fouad WhatsApp, etc. will ban the mobile number which will make users unable to use WhatsApp on their mobile numbers. Actually, such applications are again third-party developed applications that we cannot stop in any way. There are many applications on the internet that are designed only to install viruses and malware in your mobile phone, which use all the data in your mobile phone to be received by the developers. They can blackmail you Later.

But all the WhatsApp mods on our website are completely safe and virus-free for the users, which means that all the users can use all these applications without any problem. The discussion takes place, which allows us to conclude that there is no harm for users to use all those applications. There are two aspects in this new WhatsApp news, one of them is that all the users were trending more towards the "Mods WhatsApp app", which was causing a lot of damage to WhatsApp i.e. WhatsApp on Play Store. The app installs were declining very fast, and in addition to receiving a lot of complaints from users about data leaks and security risks, many times WhatsApp issued severe penalty warnings to all those users, which WhatsApp users should avoid using such apps, which are not they are verified. by WhatsApp itself. Because all these apps cannot be said to be dangerous, but some apps are developed on behalf of famous apps that cause damage to your mobile phone.

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5. True Caller App

TrueCaller App For Android and ios
TrueCaller App You should install from your Android and ios

Dear friends, True Caller is an application designed to inform you whenever someone will call you on your smartphone unknowingly, the application is assigned to show you the name of the caller. no problem if you haven't saved that name in your contact list. the true caller app will tell you the name of the caller as “caller name id” so you don't have to worry if someone calls you if you don't know the app will tell you his/her name (App claims only). In real caller id detector, app is the most dangerous apps in the world

Now I would like to tell you how the true calling app actually works? in my case, I learned that when you install the app it asks for your real name and number verification like Whatsapp verifies it. just be practical for now "When you create an account on the true caller, your information including your name and the number is stored on true call app servers which will be used next time the other users use the true call app on your smartphone. the true caller will get data of your data from their servers and present it to their users" but if the contact number is not saved on their servers what will they do? Have you ever observed it? They definitely also collect your contact list and detect "what name you specified for a particular number" next time the caller will not use your details but will also get your contact list and present your contact's saved details to the other users too. 

By using the true caller feature, you are not only sharing your details with the company, but you are also about to reveal the privacy of other people who are also saved on your mobile phone as a contact. So please it's my advice to not use caller id detector apps at all! it's the best solution if you don't know the caller block them right there. but it is not safe to use a caller id detector on your smartphone.

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Final Words

Today, I wrote to you about the five apps that you should remove right now. These are the apps that work in all fields including business and all other types of basic daily-use post apps. You should not install online personal loan apps and get a loan from them because they can hack your details and blackmail you while calling your family and friends. do not try to use unofficial Whatsapp mod apps. because Whatsapp restricted you not to using GB WhatsApp and all other mods. don't use battery saver apps, they only do loads on your RAM and take up your storage. it also damages their processors.

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