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3 Cool Applications for Advance Android Users

3 Cool Applications for Advance Android Users. I am going to tell you about three cool apps and also provide download links that you can use while...

3 Cool Applications for Advance Android Users

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you! to all users and visitors, welcome to our website from EhsanTechCorner and we hope that you are all very well, we hope that the purpose for which you have visited our website is that we can satisfy your needs. will be able to fully assist you on purpose or satisfy you with our services. In today's most beautiful article, we will provide you with 'three amazing applications that you will really find useful in this application'.

3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users
3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users

I want to tell everyone that today, I am going to tell you about three cool apps and also provide download links that you can use while listening to music on your mobile using vlysed. A music experience that can be enhanced and hopefully enjoyed with these apps. Number two app that I'm going to tell you about or give you a download link is an app that you can use for. You will be able to artificially background remover from any of your photos and improve the overall quality of your images. Number three, the application that I am going to tell you about is an application that you will find very useful during your work, that is, when you are working, you can use this application to watch any video on YouTube. you will be able to listen as audio means you will be able to do any task by playing the audio song in the background and your mobile phone screen will be completely locked so that with the wrong kind of touches you can to keep the mobile phone safe.

Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users

1. Black Screen: video screen off

3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users
3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users

Blak Screen APK allows you to play videos with the screen off. Turn off the screen at any time and save battery. Black Screen can be used to watch music videos, listen to podcasts, record videos, take selfies, etc. with screen off. 

This application that you can use to lock any activity in your mobile phone, while the application will remain fully active in the background and perform its duties. This application gained popularity when YouTube users listen to music at night before going to sleep, their eyes feel pain from the light of the mobile phone screen, and some people avoid the mobile phone screen. just because of mobile screens produces, so now the lock screen has the privilege that you can turn off your screen while playing any video on YouTube, with the video playing in the background. Stay but the screen will turn off.

This application is used by people who suffer from eye pain by looking at the mobile screen for long time. That is, music lovers can listen to music from YouTube by running it in the background using an application called Black Screen. The advantages of this application are that the entire screen will turn black, that is, the entire screen will be locked and all the processors running in the background of the mobile phone will do their full work one after the other.

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How to use Black Screen App?
how to use black screen app
3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users

Use the floating button to quickly turn off the screen and unlock it by tapping on it.

App Feature List:

  • Floating button to quickly lock the screen
  • Battery saver on AMOLED & OLED screens
  • Play videos, listen to podcasts, record videos, play streams with screen off
  • Always-on display option
  • Customizable
  • Pure black option
Download Black Screen App from Google Play

2. Always On: Edge Music Lighting

3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users
Always On: Edge Music Lighting

Muviz Edge is the first app of its kind to display a live music visualizer around the edges of your screen while you are listening to music from your favorite music apps. You can even enjoy edge lighting on our exciting Always on Display suite.

Today we are going to talk about the second application in detail which is the best gift from us for music lovers. You will also find an app called Muviz Edge from the Google Play Store, where you can use it as a free trial. Google play store application i.e. Muviz Edge has been downloaded by one million plus people, while it has a rating of 4.6, according to user feedback and rating this application has 29.6 k reviews, you can download this application on your mobile phone. I or smartphone can play live music visualizer on the edges of your mobile phone and enable different types of visualizers in your mobile phone.

Always On: Edge Music Lighting
Always On: Edge Music Lighting

Muviz Edge application is usually installed by users using advance features, this application obtains permission from you to access the data in your mobile phone, and also obtains the permission of your mobile phone's mic to sense the music beats, Muviz Edge application when you play any music in your mobile phone arranges its visualizers according to the bass of that song or music which creates beautiful scenes on your mobile screen and gives you Connect more with music.

Within the Muviz Edge application, there are a variety of templates that you can use for free. However, apart from these free templates, there are a few templates that you need to purchase the premium version of muviz edge to use. There are a few templates within this application that you can get for free, those templates are only available when you get a premium subscription, but you can use these templates with the ads powered by the application.

Always On: Edge Music Lighting
Always On: Edge Music Lighting

Moreover, using this application can increase your interest in music, and you will enjoy your favorite songs more. That's why we will also provide you the mod unlocked file of muviz edge app with premium features through our website in which all templates will be completely unlocked for lifetime, like you can use lifetime. Provided you don't update this application! That is, you update Muviz Edge Mod Apk then all the subscriptions that are unlocked will totally revert.

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Some of the AODs are

Solar System Clock AOD Screensaver

  • Eclipse Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Flip Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Android 12 Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Text Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Nike Watch Face AOD Screensaver
  • Blinky Animation AOD Screensaver
  • Retro 8-bit Clock AOD Screensaver and more to come.
Customizable Design Packs

The app contains responsive visualizer design packs crafted specifically for screen edges and can be customized to match your style. Get ready to experience fresh new designs as you go!

Color Palette Galore

The app allows you to customize the visualizer colors in many possible ways.

  • Select colors from a set of stock palettes.
  • Use colors from album cover / album art / cover art of the currently playing music.
  • Automatically apply colors from current album art.
  • Add your own custom color palette.
  • Save all eye catching color palettes into your palette collection.
Visualizer Control Options
  • Option to select music sources for visualization.
  • Option to dim the background and keep the screen ON when visualizer is active.
  • Option to hide visualizer over fullscreen apps. (while playing games and videos)
  • Option to select apps over which visualizer should be displayed.
Download Muviz Edge App from Google Play

3. Ai Image Background Remover

Ai Image Background Remover
3 Cool Applications for Android For Advance Users

Are you tired of spending hours trying to remove backgrounds from your photos using complicated and time consuming techniques? Look no further than AI Background Remover. Our state-of-the-art AI technology makes it easy to quickly and accurately remove backgrounds from your photos, leaving you with clean, professional-looking images.

Sometimes when we take any picture with our mobile phone or our camera, we can see that there are some scenes in that particular picture which are unnecessary when we take a picture of a person. There are things in the scene that are unnecessary that have no need for reality, so for this we use the background remover software, which allows us to partially remove the unnecessary background in the image. Eliminates or blurs the image so that the real object/the image, can be clearly seen.

For that we use Adobe Photoshop on the computer and all popular applications like PicsArt and PixelLab etc. but this method is extremely time consuming and goes through the most difficult steps to complete. That is, all the work has to be done with one's own hands, which is called manual work in English. Keeping this scenario in mind we thought it very valuable to bring this application to all of you by using which you all will be able to save your valuable time from wasting and you will not have to put in much effort. and you will be able to use your pictures with the background completely removed.

Ai Image Background Remover
Ai Image Background Remover

In fact, using this application you will find the most useful and easiest way to do anything in the current era of artificial intelligence technology. "Artificial intelligence is a technique that you can use to automatically identify any image can completely remove objects in the background and improve the overall quality of your picture".

This application "Ai background remover" application has been downloaded by more than 50 thousand users on Google Play Store with a rating of more than 2.7 from 117 users.

This application was made because it works on "artificial intelligence" so we cannot fully trust the results from this application we get. Which means that the output results from Ai Background Remover App can never be 100% accurate.

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How to Remove Background from Any Photo with Artificial intelligence App?

First! upload image to automatically remove the background with our ai powered app to get your transparent background and then instantly photo edit your new picture with these features :

  1. Auto Erase - One Button Background Removal
  2. Crop- freeform, square, 4:3, 5:4, 7:5, 16:9
  3. Brush - draw over images with a smooth coloured brush
  4. Text - Insert messages and paragraphs on top of your pictures with options of alignment, colour slider, white black colour slider and size adjust
  5. Flip, Rotation left, Rotation right
  6. Blur, opacity and radius
  7. Filters -select over +30 high quality filters and effects based on your preferences and style
  8. Emojis -Customizable sized emojis to add life to your new enhanced photos
  9. Annotations -create and save powerful annotations on your pictures with your own signature
  10. Photos -Manage photos with a live view by flipping or rotating it -Share your saved photos on facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  11. View in High Definition -Save pictures as new high definition quality photos -Save pictures to the internal storage directly to your gallery
Download Ai Image Background Remover App from Google Play


This is the summary of our topic today that we told you guys about the 3 Apps for Android that ARE  very beautiful and by installing them in your mobile phone, you can enhance your mobile experience even more. . I also told all my USERS how they can change their styling by following the beats of the visualization song on any of their audio music or videos by installing the application in their mobile phones. All these visualizations are of different types that rotate around all the edges of your mobile phone and change their colors and also change the design.

After that I also told you "how you can lock your mobile phone screen while watching any video on YouTube" which means if you are watching anything on YouTube. When you turn on the Blank Screen, your screen will completely turn off and you can listen to it as an audio song in the background, saving your eyes from discomfort and pain, and also saves battery consumption.

And after that, while explaining these two applications in detail with you, I will later tell you about a third application, using which the background cannot work in any of your images, that is, when the background If the ground is not clear or you want to change the background, you have to change it manually, which takes a lot of effort and time.

An application that I have given you is based on artificial intelligence, which means that when you want, you will be able to adopt or delete the image background when you want, just by clicking a few buttons. You can use "background remover for WhatsApp stickers".

Hope you all friends will like my today's post that I have told you today about the three most beautiful apps. If you have any problem or need any help or face any problem let me know.

I want to tell you that I have not taken any kind of affiliate from these three apps. So I don't force you to use these applications. I just mentioned that there are three very beautiful apps on the app play store. You can use it if you want, if not, use it at your own risk, otherwise don't use it. So I or my website will not be responsible for any kind of trouble, or any damage caused by these posts, thanks.

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