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Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp

five amazing features we discuss in this article are just a few examples of what's to come in the near future. With the addition of text message edit

Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp

Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp
Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp for Android

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon you, all users of our website, and new visitors. Today we are going to discuss 5 amazing features that are coming to WhatsApp in the near future. Some of these features are already available in the beta program for testing purposes. You can download WhatsApp beta at within this website.

These are the most popular features available on other social media apps like Telegram, Snapchat, Imo, Signal, and WeChat apps.

Welcome everyone to the EhsanTechCorner website for technology update information, insights, and reviews, and to download mod apps for free. Today it is about showing you the "5 craziest features of WhatsApp that you will see in the next updates"

Upcoming new features of WhatsApp

Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp
Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp

Whatsapp trying to become an application where it wanted to be an all-in-one application instead of just a chat app. Usually, we noticed all other apps are trying to become an app for all the users where users can do chats, share statuses, share posts, share their live or current locations and most of all do shopping. As my mind is thinking I can say WhatsApp is trying to become an application like WeChat a Chinese online chatting app

Here at ehsantechcorner, you will receive daily updates on upcoming new tech gadgets and their reviews, including the fact that ehsantechcorner has a copyright owner capability that will affect users who steal ehsantechcorner's data. We request all users who want to learn real technology updates to try to visit the Ihsan blog called Ehsan tech corner. Today, as you all know, we are going to explain the five amazing new features of WhatsApp for future updates. You will get screenshots and explanations of those features for free.

According to research and being a WhatsApp beta tester, I have been using these features where you can enable the option to block a screenshot of your chats. Here I would like to tell you that all the features today that we are going to talk about are mainly about privacy and security. So go ahead and continue the discussion. We will discuss each feature below in more detail and also attach possible screenshots... 

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1. Edit WhatsApp Text Messages

Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp
How to Edit WhatsApp Messages on Andriod in 2023

Edit Whatsapp Text Messages – By using this WhatsApp feature, you will be able to edit and rewrite your message anytime you want. If I could tell you in detail that I can tell you, sometimes we encounter problems when we chat with friends and family or loved ones, mostly we come across a problem where we get misspellings and sometimes totally wrong messages sent to our chat partners so before people delete their spam or erroneous messages, in view of this issue WhatsApp enabled a new feature where no user will be able to edit and correct their eros instead of deleting this message

You will see a tag below an edited message similar to its work "Edited" as shown in the screenshot. So I hope this feature will be very useful for users and hopefully, it will be used for positive purposes only! You can learn more about it in detail. here

2. View Once Voice/Audios on WhatsApp

View Once Voice - This feature is actually inspired by Snapchat. On Snapchat, users can delete their messages after reading them or you can customize your auto disappear option as you need. I can also tell that it was inspired by Snapchat because previously WhatsApp announced a feature where you can send media files and it automatically disappears after being opened once. Similarly, now WhatsApp will add a new feature where users will now be able to make their voice notes and audio messages disappear when opened.

This feature will be added to WhatsApp in the near future, although I Ehsan Kamboh did not find this feature until now in beta testing. But nevertheless, it is company news. I would like to say that even this feature is added for the safety and security of the users. Anyone who receives an auto disappearing/views audio message once can record that voice from a secondary mobile phone if their mission is to keep voice messages still. Before this announcement, WhatsApp announced views once the media.

Although as we know users will be able to use other most popular WhatsApp mods to disable this feature. This means there is no matter even this feature is added or not. There are no effects on you anymore! Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus to enjoy this feature at any time.

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3. Custom Locks on Chats:

Custom chat locks - This feature also improves the privacy and security of WhatsApp users. Custom locks for chats are an extra layer of security for the users. According to the news and leaks, WhatsApp is now trying to work on the security and protection of its users. Whatsapp added an app lock for the first time a few years back, where users can add a fingerprint option before opening the WhatsApp app. It really helps users to make their private chats safe and secure.

Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp
Screenshot of custom chats lock

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus allows you to set up 3 different types of security options that can increase your security and protection even more.

Now WhatsApp is trying to add the option to add a custom lock capability for individual chats. This feature will really help if you have private chats with your boss or your partner and in case someone will take your phone, like your best friend or anyone else. Then you will be able to use your entire smartphone, but you will not be able to access your private chats until you can add a correct password. Before this announcement, ehsan whatsapp plus for 1 year or more.

It allows you to set passwords for each individual chat, and especially, you can set different passwords for each and every chat. But always remember to never forget the password, otherwise, you won't be able to access this chat at all!

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4. Prevents from taking screenshots on WhatsApp

Prevents from taking ScreenshotsScreenshots blocking feature is also inspired by Snapchat. Earlier, I noticed that most of the chat apps like imo, Signal App, and similar apps already provide this feature for the users where no one can take a screenshot of not only their chats but also their video calls. So according to WhatsApp, this feature will really help users to protect their chats and video calls from being leaked.

But here is a caution for users as in the second option. If someone really wants to keep their data with them, they will be able to take a photo or make a screen recording using the secondary phone. But anyway, this feature is safe and very useful for users. Before Snapchat, if someone you're chatting with took a screenshot of your chats or imo recorded your video calls, the app would notify you by saying "Your partner took a screenshot or started a screen recorder." Now I hope so. no more.!

This feature has not been added to the beta testing program yet, the version I am currently using did not have this feature. So from my point of view, this feature is also company news, and developers and the dev team are working to add this feature very soon.

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5. Whatsapp verified tick for premium businesses

Whatsapp Green Verified Brand for Premium Businesses: Whatsapp will also launch a new feature where any business will be able to get a verified brand for their store or business by paying some fees and policy terms. I am thinking about it deeply and found out that this feature will be added when WhatsApp noticed how they will earn if all the features they provide to the users without charging them anything. 

Explained: 5 Amazing Features Coming on WhatsApp
Screenshots showing verified ticks on Whatsapp

And WhatsApp is inspired by Twitter in the option of premium accounts. They would make the point that if Twitter can collect an amount from its users, why not?

Therefore, WhatsApp will almost announce the feature to mark each company as a verified account and charges additional features for additional services. Before this, you might see these marks on some of the most popular companies like your network provider like jazz company and jio etc but now you will be able to get a verified account mark for your business. 

But there is good news for users where I am trying to motivate users to download WhatsApp Business Mod if in case the feature is added then you will be able to enable this option for free for your account without paying anything!

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List of 5 Amazing Features of WhatsApp:

  • Edit Messages After Send
  • View once voice/audio
  • Lock on custom chats
  • Prevents Screenshots on Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp verified green tick for premium businesses 


In conclusion, WhatsApp is continually working to improve its user experience, and the five amazing features we discuss in this article are just a few examples of what's to come in the near future. With the addition of text message editing, a view once voice/audio, custom chat locks, preventing screenshots, and the premium business verified green tick, WhatsApp is making significant strides in improving the privacy and safety of its users. As we eagerly anticipate the release of these features, it's crucial to remember to only download apps from trusted sources like, and to stay informed about new technology updates and reviews from trusted sources like EhsanTechCorner.

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