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Download Snapchat Golden and Snapchat Gold Plus Modded By AboArab

Download Snapchat Golden and Snapchat Gold Plus v1.50 Modded By AboArab

Download Golden Snapchat

Download Golden Snapchat v1.50 Snapchat Plus Snap Chat Plus
Download Golden Snapchat v1.50 Snapchat Plus Snap Chat Plus

A brief introduction to Snapchat Golden

Download Golden Snapchat is a social networking App developed by Stanford University students, and it is an App for instant messaging over the Internet, and The app aims to communicate using images and short videos, where Snapchat users can take pictures within the app add various effects and filters and add shapes and texts to photos too and the Snapchat app has a very important feature to protect the privacy of your photos as pictures are deleted after they reach the other party after 10 seconds and are also permanently removed from the app servers, and many features have been added to Snapchat, such as live streaming feature, stories, a Snapchat news feed, and others, and the Snapchat app is one of the best apps to market your products and services and through it, you can reach a large number of users as the number of Snapchat users has reached 230 million daily active users.

Download Snapchat Plus Gold App from Appsfire

Download Golden Snapchat
Download Golden Snapchat v1.50 Snapchat Plus Snap Chat Plus

Snapchat Golden is one of the most popular social media apps today, as the number of daily active users of the app has reached 100 million users, Through the Snapchat Gold app you can share the most important in your life. with friends and other people, but one of the recognized problems in Snapchat is the difficulty of saving videos or the so-called "Snapchat" on your Android phone. All you can do is take a screenshot as some snapshots are hidden from the user after looking at them just once.

Download the Snapchat Gold App with a direct link for Android

First of all, you should know that downloading Snapchat Plus for Android 2023 is not available on the Google Play Store because the App violates the policy of the original Snapchat App, which does not allow saving videos on your phone, so you will have to download Snapchat Gold for Android through a direct link, and we have provided more than one direct link to download Snapchat Plus Gold in this article, All you have to do now is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "download button" and then it will show you all the direct links to download "Golden Snapchat Abu Arab", click on a direct link to download the Golden Snapchat Plus, and follow the steps below.

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Features of downloading Snapchat Golden

  • Download videos: You can now download all the videos you want on your phone in HD quality while browsing short videos on the Snapchat Plus Golden app through the download button.
  • Save Stories: Through Snapchat Gold, you will be able to save friends' Stories that are displayed only once and then they are hidden, so when viewing the status, you have to press the download button.
  • The App is free: One of the most important features of downloading SnapPlus for Android 2023 is that it is 100% free and no subscriptions or fees are paid in order to be able to use all the features within the App.
  • The size of the App is small: the size of "Snapchat hacker without root" does not exceed 3 MB, so it does not take up any space on your phone and you will not feel the presence of the App from the ground up inside the phone.
  • Download button control: Through the settings of "Snap Plus Osman", you can control everything related to the download button inside Snapchat, You can control the color of the download button and the extent of its transparency, and you can control the location of the button.
  • Does not consume phone resources: Downloading Snap Plus for Android 2020 runs in the background of the phone, but it does not consume the battery, RAM, or processor of your phone, so it will not bother you that the App is running in the background.
  • Upload videos: The App enables you to upload videos from your phone instead of shooting them directly within the Snapchat App, by pressing and holding the camera button and choosing the video you want to share.

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Features of the Snapchat App Snapchat

  1. Free App: You can download the original Snapchat app absolutely free from official stores and take advantage of all the features of the app, The Golden Snapchat Gold app is also a free app and you can take advantage of all the additional tools and options for free, and the Snapchat app is one of the most secure apps on your data and it encrypts photos and videos and deletes photos that were sent after a short period to protect your data and reduce space consumption as we observed that other communication apps store data like Instagram app This is unlike Snapchat which will not consume your phone space.
  2. Support and Compatibility: You can download Snapchat Gold on IOS phones like iPhones and iPads, and the app is also compatible with Android phones, although the app is not been officially released on the computer, we will explain how to download Snapchat for a computer via emulators. of Android, and continuous updates are issued to the original Snapchat app, as well as The modified "Snapchat Plus" app receives updates regularly to add new features and keep up with basic Snapchat updates. You can contact the app's support team to resolve any issues you encounter while using or installing Snap.
  3. App interface: Snapchat has an elegant user interface with attractive colors and a wonderful design that has been arranged in a simple way for ease of use and to access all the tools of the app quickly, You will not need any experience to be able to handle the app and its use. all its features and the Golden Snapchat Gold app supports a large number of languages, including Arabic and English.
  4. Lightweight App: Despite the terrific features inside the Snapchat Gold Plus app, the app does not require any strong specs to run and will work great on most Android phones, iOS, and computers as well on Mac and Windows via the emulator, and the size of the App is very small and it does not consume much storage space on your phone, because the photos are deleted after receiving them from your phone.
  5. Communicate with your friends: The Snapchat app is a social media app it is like other communication networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram but it differs in some aspects through the app you will be able to communicate with your friends and send them photos and videos with the ability to take photos and modify them immediately from the app, which is one of the biggest uses of the app, especially with the filters constantly updating, and you can follow celebrities through the app and meet new people too.
  6. Take photos and videos: One of the most important features of the Snapchat app is the Snapchat Filters, which are constantly updated to keep up with the latest internet trends, These effects modify the images significantly, sometimes they are funny filters for the purpose of pranking, and there is a set of photo effects to enhance the image when shooting, and you can share those photos on the Snapchat app, as well as you can write snapshots and share videos, and you can select the people you want to receive what you post.
  7. Follow the news: Global and local news and events tracking function has been added to the App, so you will be able to know the latest news and follow various types of economic, social, sports, and other news worldwide through the Snapchat Plus+ App, and this news are published from the world-famous trusted news sites, and you will also be able to follow live streaming videos that bring the live image to you from anywhere and broadcast events all over the world at the same time.
  8. Download Videos and Stories: The app supports the ability to save videos and images from the app in high quality and also gives you the advantage of taking a screenshot or recording a video easily and also in high quality as you will be able to save stories and Stories that you will not be able to see more than once in the original App after downloading the Golden Snapchat Gold App, and through the App you will be able to upload videos, photos, and Stories without problems just like the original App.
  9. No root: Modded apps usually require root permissions in order to give you better permissions than the original app, but luckily you can download the Snapchat Plus Gold app for free and install it on non-rooted phones, and the app is available for non-jailbroken iOS phones.

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Privacy Features OF Snapchat Golden: -

  • Secret screenshot without the person 🥶📸 knowing
  • Screen video recording without the person 🥶 📹 knowing
  • Hide watching Snapchat 🥷
  • Hide the story 🙈 Watch
  • Hide reading messages (opening the message without the person knowing) 👻
  • Entering the conversation without appearing online🔵
  • Hide the writing ... 💬 In the chat
  • Secret writing (the person will not see a notification while typing) 🥷

Mod Information of SNAPCHAT GOLDEN and SNAPCHAT PLUS app

App Name

Snapchat Golden Plus

Package name


Play store version

Mod Version


Mod By

Assem Mahgoob (AbuArab)

Link Updated on

September 08, 2023

Official Site


Minimum OS

Android 4 and Above

What’s new in version 1.50

  • Base Based on Snap ( (Play Store)
  • Change the app icon
  • You can change the appearance of the Snap icon on the home screen
  • Fix the logout/login issue
  • Other fixes and improvements

Download Snapchat Gold V1.50 by Assem Mahgoob

Download Snapchat Plus Gold App from Appsfire