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WhatsApp new update: WhatsApp status archive | WhatsApp Archive Feature 2023 - EhsanTechCorner

WhatsApp Status Archive 

WhatsApp new update: WhatsApp status archive - WhatsApp Archive Feature 2023
WhatsApp new update: WhatsApp status archive - WhatsApp Archive Feature 2023

Most welcome all of you to my website Ehsan tech corner once again so guys today I brought a topic for you in which I am going to explain the latest news or a piece of news recently shared by WhatsApp. According to the sources they claim that WhatsApp is going to add a new feature in upcoming updates. I would like to say that WhatsApp is going to add this feature to the beta tester program. So, this feature is not going to be a public version for now, but later on, we can say the WhatsApp status archive feature will be working for both general and beta users both.

I would like to clarify that WhatsApp is going to add a status archive option within the WhatsApp business instead of WhatsApp Messenger as a simple app available on the Google Play store. So, by now I can say that status archive as a new feature from WhatsApp is only working for WhatsApp business users but we hope that this feature will be working Sooner or later for both business WhatsApp users and simple WhatsApp users identical.

Common questions


Name of the feature?

Status archive


Rolling out


WhatsApp Business beta for Android and newer versions of the app are marked as compatible updates.

I’ve installed this update but I don’t have this feature. Why?

This feature is available to some beta testers, and it will be released to more users over the coming weeks.



Previous news?

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What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp new update: WhatsApp status archive - WhatsApp Archive Feature 2023
WhatsApp new update: WhatsApp status archive - WhatsApp Archive Feature 2023

Whatsapp status is a feature within WhatsApp that allows its users to share videos, audio voice, text messages, and images as a status. You can share updates, thoughts, or moments with your contacts saved on your mobile phone. Only those who saved your contact number will be able to see your status. It is a short message, photo, or video that you can post on your profile for others to see. These status updates disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Dear friends, before today's specific update in the status section on WhatsApp. WhatsApp released a quick reaction for status. I would like to explain to you that the WhatsApp status archive is a feature similar to what you are experiencing on Facebook, Instagram, and related social media applications. As we all know WhatsApp is a product of Meta company so it will be very useful for WhatsApp users as well. read the summary of the features added to whatsapp

How Status Archive New Update will work?

How to use the status archive for WhatsApp?

So, friends, if I will try to explain how the status archive feature works for WhatsApp, then it is as simple as Facebook and Instagram story archives. feature for the WhatsApp business status archive, you will be able to add your stories to the archive list. As we all know that before the status archive option, there was already a chat and groups archive feature available in WhatsApp. Further expanding the archive function. Meta is going to add an archive feature on WhatsApp also

Dear friends, now if you set any WhatsApp status after installing the new update for WhatsApp business (Some lucky beta testers), you can move all your statuses or save them in the archive list. This will only work for the latest version of WhatsApp Business. Now if I will try to explain how it works then it is as simple as the others. 

Dear friends, in order to use this feature, you need to enable it first from the setting option, and then you can save your status after 24 hours in the file list. Once you activate your status settings, you will be able to access your expired status from the list. After 24 hours of your status, you will be able to re-upload this status/story and you will also be able to reuse your advertised content for the next 30 days for Facebook, and Instagram.

I also want to say that the status file will keep your status updated only for 30 days and after 30 days, your status will be deleted automatically or you can say that it will disappear automatically.