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Download Tiktok Gold and Tiktok Gold Plus v3.20 Modded by Abo3rab

Download TikTok Gold v3.20 AboArab, the latest version for Android 2024, Download Tiktok Gold for Android. Download tiktok videos without watermark.

Download TikTok Gold v3.20 AbuArab, the latest version for Android 2024

Download Tiktok Gold for Android

Download TikTok Gold Apk AbuArab, latest version for Android 2023
Download TikTok Gold Apk AbuArab, the latest version for Android 2023

Download Tiktok Gold on Android TikTok is a great app for those looking to become social media stars and have their own fan base.

Welcome everyone to EhsanTechCorner, we are happy to see you once again here on our official website to download the TikTok app for your Android. We want to give you an introduction to the app and its developer before further details. TikTok Gold apk is redesigned or modified by AbuArab the same developer of WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Red, WhatsApp Plus, InstaGold, Telegram Gold, Twitter Gold, Snapchat Gold, WhatsApp Business Gold, and Youtube Gold. You can download all his apps from our website here. AbuArab Apps

The TikTok Android app acts as a platform where you can create music videos in which you showcase yourself and share these videos with the entire TikTok community, allowing you to attract a large number of fans within your Tiktok account, as is the case with other social media applications.

So the golden version of TikTok was recently launched with additional features through which you can use the application better, and from here we will talk about the TikTok application for Android and how to install it on Android in this article.

What is the Golden Tik Tok Abu Arab Apk?

The TikTok Gold app is a modified version of the TikTok app and comes with a wide range of additional features not found in the original app.

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What are the features of the Tiktok Gold app for Android, the latest version?

Here are the additional features in TikTok Gold for Android that are not present in the original TikTok app.

  • All additional advertising methods are blocked
  • Disable autoplay
  • Enable high-quality audio
  • Enable high-quality video
  • Enable high resolution
  • Enable anti-aliasing
  • Disable notification locks
  • Fix Facebook permissions
  • Fix VK permissions
  • Remove all ads
  • Making videos and downloading gifs without watermarks to the Movies/TikTok folder instead of DCIM/Camera
  • All restrictions on downloads have been removed, you can download any video
  • Remove all other restrictions (many)
  • The application has been cleaned as much as possible, and duplicate graphics have been removed
  • Improved graphics
  • maximum application pressure
  • Disable unnecessary activities
  • Restrictions on binaries, backgrounds, and dynamic wallpapers have been removed
  • Rewind is now available on any video
  • Improved battery drain
  • Removed most regional restrictions

Golden Tik Tok app for Android

It is natural that you have recently heard about the TikTok application App for Android, since this App has invaded the world in recent periods and has become, during record time, one of the most popular applications among users, especially teenagers, including the Golden Tik Tok for Android, but what is the reason behind this success What is the exceptional App achieved?

The Tiktok Gold App for Android, after extracting the video, restores the work of editing the video simply, smoothly, quickly, and very simple and uncomplicated without the need for experience or prior knowledge of the minimum basics of video editing, which prompted many to start experimenting with the Golden Tik Tok App for Android and provide content on it.

The Golden Tik Tok Abu Arab App for Android came after two applications, and Vine, and worked on a wonderful mix between them, as it allows you to shoot short videos of 15 seconds or less, then quickly modify them and choose from many effects to produce light content, and then make a participant For this video on the golden Tik Tok App for Android and on social media platforms.

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Features of the Golden TikTok App for Android

  • No ads
  • Download media without a watermark
  • TikTok download folder instead of DCIM/ Camera
  • Download videos by long pressing on the video
  • Download any video even if it has any restrictions to prevent downloading

The Official Golden TikTok

When you use a specific tag in the video within the golden TikTok application for Android, you will get a wonderful number of views on a large scale, which is completely different from the rest of the platforms, the first of which is YouTube, and thus the reasons for the success of the application can be summarized to the following points:

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Ease of submission to the creators of the content on the TikTok APK

  • The lightness and simplicity of the content
  • Ease of competition because the content is clear and easy to present
  • When we talk about the competition in the Golden TikTok App for Android, it is considered simple and easy, as producing a video from this application will not take more than half an hour of your time in the event that the video contains a lot of ideas, as it does not require presenting creative and new ideas with each video. This platform is very similar and most of it is related to some challenge or re-enactment of movie scenes and singing clips.
  • But there are very big differences in the content, so either you like an educational video from it, or you will be able to throw your phone from the nearest window you have, but regardless of your initial opinion of the content, with a good search you will find entertaining videos in the golden Tik Tok App for Android and really exceptional, so give the App a chance until If you didn't like it directly.
  • Downloading TikTok Gold for Android is one of the things that users of the TikTok application are most looking for at the present time, as many people around the world are looking for any way they can get it to update or renew any App they use on their phones.
  • This is because the concept of updating the App is always associated with new features that are placed in the application or free things that they can try, in exchange for an amount of money previously, and so on. Therefore, you will find that even if the application does not contain any problems, many of its users will download TikTok Gold for Android in order to try it and see if it is better or not.
It is not surprising to hear about the golden TikTok application for Android recently, as this App has recently invaded the world and has become one of the most popular applications among users, especially teenagers, as we find that this application has record and very high speeds, which is among the most important reasons for the success and spread of the application worldwide at such a speed. On the other hand, TikTok Gold for Android phones makes video editing after video output easy, smooth, fast, very simple, and complex without the need for experience or prior knowledge of minimal video editing basics.
As a result, we find that many have begun to try the golden Tik Tok App for Android systems, and we see that the golden Tik Tok App for Android systems comes after two applications, namely and Vine."

Features of downloading Golden TikTok for Android

These Apps shoot short videos of 15 seconds or less and quickly edit them with many features and qualities not found in any other Apps, and then choose from many effects to create light content. We find that the company behind this unique App has worked continuously and continuously in order to be able to make a wonderful mix of these Apps because they can be participants in the video.

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Characteristics of Golden TikTok download for Android

  • The use of this distinctive application gives you certain marks in the videos within the golden TikTok download for Android a large number of views that have been watched on a large scale, which is very different from other platforms, where we find that the first platform is YouTube. So it can be summarized
  • The reasons for the success of the application are as follows:
  • Easy to view on the manufacturer of the embedded TikTok software.
  • Lightness and simplicity of content.
  • Ease of competition because the content is clear and easy to display.
  • When talking about the competition in downloading the golden TikTok for Android, it does not take more than 30 minutes to extract a video from this application, if the video contains many actresses and the content is played because you do not have to provide creative and new ideas in each video, besides that The platforms are very similar, mostly related to challenges and to recreate movie scenes and songs.
  • However, the content makes a big difference, whether you like educational videos or you had to throw the phone out the nearest window, no matter what your initial opinion about the content is, a good search will find interesting videos in TikTok Gold Download for Android, which is very good, Therefore, we advise you to download this distinguished App, which gives you many advantages and characteristics that are not found in the regular App.

What is new in the golden TikTok application, the latest version 3.20?

  • Based on the latest version of Google Play 32.5.3
  • Add a partially dark mode which can be turned on if you use certain firmware like MIUI, ColorOS, etc.
  • Simultaneous subtitles with Crowdin
  • Auto winding option activated, also announcing that there will be a stunning change soon
  • Stability improvements
  • Lost "Roboto" line returned
  • Fix broken data collection and sending to TikTok server
  • Significant fixes and improvements in application speed

What are the features of the TikTok Plugin v2.20 plugin app?

The TikTok plugin is constantly updated to add new features, but as of this writing, these are all it has to offer:

  • Change region: Allows you to choose the country from which you want the TikTok algorithm to recommend more content. Of course, there are some areas that cause the app to crash due to a connection error, due to the geo-restrictions imposed by TikTok.
  • Force Region Mode: Used to force TikTok to show you content only from the country of your choice. This will block a lot of content on the platform.
  • Remove watermark from downloaded TikTok videos and GIFs: When you download or share content from TikTok, the app puts its logo and the username that created the video. This feature allows you to download or share any TikTok videos or unmarked GIFs of any kind in their original format.
  • The ability to save TikTok videos without sound- makes it possible to download and save muted TikTok videos.
  • Remove ads and trends in the "For You" section of TikTok: It will remove all promoted ad banners and posts from the "For You" section of the app. In addition, you will also have the option to hide directions that do not interest you.
  • The ability to bypass privacy settings for TikTok's Duet and Join feature.
  • Greater control over the playback of TikTok videos: It allows you to jump to any part of the video, as well as move forward or backward as you wish. You will be able to see the progress bar in all videos.
  • Change the playback speed of TikTok videos: It allows you to play TikTok videos slower or faster with 9 speed options.
  • Stop repeating video playback: If you want another video to start playing on TikTok, TikTok Plugin can turn off the repeat option to achieve this.
  • Remove subtitles from TikTok videos: You can make TikTok not display captions on any posts.
  • Hide TikTok Live Stream: If you don't like TikTok live streaming, this option is for you because it completely removes it from the app.
  • Delete Long Videos from TikTok: This plugin can remove videos that are too long for you from the social network. You can set the maximum duration of the videos you want to watch in the range between 10 seconds and 120 seconds. This is extremely useful to reduce data consumption when using TikTok.
  • Automatically block TikTok videos with things you don't like: You can select a list of censored words, so that when the app detects a censored word in the description of the TikTok video, it will hide it so you don't see it.
  • TikTok font and interface customization: Although it is not possible yet to activate dark mode in TikTok, these options will allow you to add more colors to the TikTok app and even the font mode you like the most.
  • Choose the download path for videos and GIFs: You will be able to select where you want to save the videos you download from TikTok.

For users from Syria, if you want to log in or create an account, you must run Alkasir Proxy, and then congratulations, you can run it regularly.

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Download TikTok Gold App Latest Versions Available 2024

The TikTok Gold download link is the official alternative

Tik Tok Gold is the official alternative to arm7

Tik Tok Gold is the official alternative to arm64

TikTok Gold Clone download link, next to the official one

Golden tik tok next to the official arm7

The golden tik tok next to the official arm64

TikTok Plugin download link

TikTok App Plugin

Link to download the plugin application for the second version, TikTokAsia Plugin V2.20

TikTok Plugin2 plugin for the second version

Link to download the App to know the type of processor

Download Droid Hardware Info

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